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Services pricingBusiness Planning To establish a business, get the financing, expand your activities or promote your services and production, you need a Business Plan; Dr. Quenum & Associates are professional Investment & Business Planners. They offer a wide range of services and solutions.

There are in the position to introduce you to local reliable partners for project development, and sourcing trade opportunities in and out 48 sub-Saharan African countries.
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Click for investment opportunitiesBusiness Opportunities. Contrary to the image of disaster (droughts, inundations, famine, civil wars, and corruption at high places) conveyed by mainstream media about developing countries and particularly about sub-Saharan African countries, Africa is the final investment destination where annual double-digit growth rate, on vested money, is common place for well designed and planned projects, in agribusiness and related industries - outside mining and oil fields exploitation. Click here for funding to finance projects in Africa

Outsource your projectsJobs & Projects Platform. Bid on jobs and projects worldwide. Tender projects to international audience and pick the best experts for implementation. The Platform provides you with a personal message board. Pricing is very competitive compared to jobs search and projects ads inserted in traditional media (paper, radio and TV) because the audience is worldwide 7 days per week and over 365 days /year. Click here to reach the platform

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Advertisement Platforms. Projects reported on this page need international investors, equipment suppliers, technical assistance, international marketers. Insert ads on following platforms:, Africabiz Online, and FreelanceWorldwide and reach a worldwide audience 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. For more click here to review Africabiz Media Kit

Once every quarterly month, a business opportunity is exposed in Africabiz Online, which is, most of the times untapped. Visiting previous link, you also have access to more than one hundred of such opportunities.

Dr. Quenum & Associates can assist you implementing your choice of project, drafting comprehensive business plan to start with, and searching for additional financing to establish the opportunity as a viable and profit making business. Further, if you yourself have a business project to develop, Dr. Quenum & Associates are in the position to assist as above outlined.

If interested, please open a ticket at the Support & Contact System available here. Express your wish and attach any available document that would make it easy for Dr. Quenum & Associates to evaluating your project.

Buy, Sell, Trade Worldwide For FreeWorldwide BizCenter. This is a free ads platform at your disposal to post offers, demands, contact importers and exporter worldwide in all lines of business. The system is robust and secured to exchange messages with correspondents You need to register for an efficient usage of the Worldwide Bizcenter. For more read following page for instructions.

Financing In Some U.S.A. States. We provide financing for energy and energy related projects, distressed debt, bridge funding, purchase order financing, business acquisition and growth finance region: Midwest US (Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York State, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Canada). For more Tel: +1 216 451 5598 or Cell: +1 202 538-6810 / and Email to:

Funding is available for projects' financing in Africa - up to US$40million (forty million) per project. Click here for more. - For worldwide financing research click following link about "How Financing Brokerage Works"

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However, we advise any interested party to use the Support Console for first contact - Scroll down to review "The Best Way to Contact Dr. Quenum & Associates"

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- Interested parties - private African and international investors / companies, government agencies, international development agencies - to make first contact through the Support Console available at this link

First contact made through the Support Console will get quickest feedback than sending straight email or making phone calls. After that phone calls may follow suit.

In fact, we are swamped by phone calls, and your call may not be recognized by the system, and will not be answered - As for a straight email, it may go direct into the Trash bin or bounce back like a spam. So, please do make use of the Support Console for the first contact. Contact information are available at this link


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