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Dr. Quenum & Associates is a consulting company that has a network of consultants and correspondents in 49 sub-Saharan African countries

These resident-correspondents and collaborators are your contacts on the spot to supervise the planning and implementation of your project.

Further to that core of specialists, Dr. Quenum and Associates have access to a pool of international experienced experts from emerging countries (Malaysia, South Africa, India and Brazil) to make sure the South-South characteristics of your projects are fully taking care of (equipment and process conceived and adapted to local weather and socio-economic conditions. Etc.)

If necessity commands, Dr. Quenum and Associates co-opt in as many as temporary staff members and local consultants to cover and manage projects.

These temporary staff members integrate easily with Dr. Quenum and Associates' permanent team of experts due to the fact that the consulting operates under a well defined and codified intervention' strategy here exposed

Further, Dr. Quenum & Associates's top management (principal, project manager and financing research manager) has a cumulative experience of 55 years in business planning in sub-Saharan African countries.

The principal of Dr. Quenum & Associates' CV is below briefly outlined

  • Dr. Quenum, Managing Director of Dr. Quenum & Associates is graduated Docteur-d'Etat-Es-Sciences Physiques - University of Lyons, France. The highest degree in French scientific academia - equivalent to PhD.

  • - Visiting Professor in Physics and Chemistry to the Polytechnic Institute of Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1975.

  • - Professor of Chemistry at the National University of Gabon, 1975-1978.

  • - Managing Director of Intertech - International Agro-industrial and Technology Development Consulting - at Abidjan, Ivory-Coast - 1978-1986.

  • - Senior-Expert to the Center for the Development of Industry - CDI - Brussels, Belgium, 1986-1991 - in charge of agribusiness development in 68 members states of Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) associated to the European Union through the so-called "The Lomé Convention".

  •  - In said position and capacity, at CDI, Dr. Quenum supervised and coordinated the implementation and rehabilitation of more than one hundred agribusiness projects in the ACP. He visited most of the African countries of his jurisdiction and built-up an extensive network of relationships among their business community and government circles.

  • - He holds dual citizenship/Beninese and Belgian and lived in Senegal (1963-1967) - France (1967-1974) - The Democratic Republic of The Congo (1975) - Gabon (1975-1978) - Ivory-Coast (1978-1986) - From 1986 to 1991 in Belgium and since 1991 between Benin and Belgium - traveling around the Black Continent.

  • - Dr. Quenum is the author of "Africans, Stop Being Poor!" and "Africains, Refusez de Rester Pauvres", the companions books of 600 dormant business opportunities existing in African countries.

  • - Listed here are academic and scientific papers published by Dr. Quenum: in Germany (Die Makromolekulare Chemie, Vol 157, 1974, pages 1597-1611) - The United Kingdom (European Polymer Journal, Vol 7, 1971, page 1527; Vol 9, 1973, page 777; and Vol 10, 1974, page 1570) - France (Chimie Analytique, Vol 53, N°10, October 1971) - Japan (Polymer Journal, Vol 7, 1975, pages 287-311).

  • - He is the Editorial Director of Africabiz Online - an electronic magazine dedicated to News, Events, Economic Analysis and Business Opportunities in Africa

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