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Loans requests are welcome from:

  • National governments, states, region, provinces, cities, and government's developing agencies
  • Entrepreneurs, companies and any other legal entity established in any African country
  • Click here to review financing package to rebuild Power Generation Infrastructure


1 - Amount available: from US$2million (two million) up to US$40million (forty million) per project. Origin Northern America.

2 - Borrower(s) to make an initial deposit of up to 10%-15% of total loan requested in an escrow account with the financing group.

3 - Transaction period d
epends on country's risks. The normal loan period is set at maximum 60 months/5 years.

However, the final decision would be made by the financing group on country by country basis, and with regards the magnitude of project involved.

4 - Borrower to subscribe a political risk insurance such as Coface or any other kind of risk insurance to be eventually approved by the lending group.

5 - The interest rate is based on LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) plus a "margin" for country's risk. The prevailing applied interest rate would be finalized when loan agreement signed.

6 - Dr. Quenum & Associates, IBC to be in charge of drafting a new Business Plan or improving an existing one.

7 - Dr. Quenum & Associates, IBC to be the sole and unique project's supervisor / business development advisor for project's implementation during loan period.

Dr. Quenum & Associates fees /commissions would be set in a Supervision / Service Contract between Borrower (s) and Dr. Quenum & Associates, IBC.

8 - Borrower to sign two PAY ORDERS on behalf of Dr. Quenum & Associates, IBC standing as (a) Payment coverage for the cost of a new or revised Business Plan drafted by Dr. Quenum & Associates, and (b) Payment coverage for financing research's SUCCESS FEES (see Point 6 above and point 9 below, and click here for more)

And copies of said PAY ORDERS to be transferred to Dr. Quenum & Associates, IBC and the financing group, to be enforced at Loan Closing Date.

[Sample of PAY ORDER to be sent to interested party - after Funding Request and Executive Summary had been transmitted to and accepted by Dr. Quenum & Associates.]

9 - Borrower to sign a Non Disclosure Non Circumvent Agreement (NDNC) with Dr. Quenum & Associates, IBC before the release of lending group's contact information.

- NDNC Agreement has two parts: (1) A Loan Request Agreement; (2) A Confidentiality Contract. Sample available at this link

- Fees and Commissions linked to the NDNC Loan Request Agreement are here to review

Click following link and spare sometimes to carefully review "How Financing Research Brokerage Works" - Please do scroll down to the end of the page to review procedures & conditions to benefiting from Dr. Quenum & Associates's financing research services

Click here to review "Funding to Build Power Generation Infrastructure"
Click here for "Executive Summary" sample.

English and French are transaction languages. Funding request and allied-documents to be submitted either in French or in English. You may translate into French the Funding Request, and the Executive Summary samples. A Non Disclosure Non Circumvent Agreement in French will be sent to French speaking borrowers through the Support Console link below outlined.
Locations of visitors to this page

- Interested parties - private African and international investors / companies, government agencies, international development agencies - to make first contact through the Support Console available at this link

First contact made through the Support Console will get quickest feedback than sending straight email or making phone calls. After that phone calls may follow suit.

In fact, we are swamped by phone calls, and your call may not be recognized by the system, and will not be answered - As for a straight email, it may go direct into the Trash bin or bounce back like a spam. So, please do make use of the Support Console for the first contact. Contact information are available at this link


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