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1 - What is BusinessAfrica?
2 - What is the difference between BusinessAfrica
and Dr. Quenum and Associates
3 - What is the difference between BusinessAfrica
/ Dr. Quenum and Associates and AFRICABIZ
4 - How to establish business relationship with BusinessAfrica.
5 - Does BusinessAfrica provide funds for projects?
6- What are fees charged by financing source?
7 - What is a Non Disclosure Non Circumvent
8 - Are fees charged before business relationship?
9 - What is the pricing list for your interventions?
10 - Are you Importers / Exporters?
11 - What to do to contact Importers /
Exporters in Africa
12 - Do you connect international investors
with Importers / Exporters in Africa
13 - Job possibility with BusinessAfrica
14 - How to contact Businessafrica?
15 - What else?

- 1. What is BusinessAfrica:

- BusinessAfrica™ / Dr Quenum & Associates are  "International Business Companies" - IBC - dedicated to promoting investment and trade development in and out 48 sub-Saharan African countries. Dr. Quenum & Associates are specialized in investment planning. Click here to review, Ltd and associates companies's structure.


- 2. What is the difference between BusinessAfrica™ and Dr. Quenum & Associates?

- There is no difference. Both are associates companies. Click here to review their respective areas of intervention.


- 3. What is the difference between BusinessAfrica™ / Dr. Quenum & Associates and Africabiz Media ?

- Africabiz Media is the media producing company of, Ltd. Click here for the online publication/Africabiz Online. Dr. Quenum & Associates, IBC is the consultancy branch linked to, Ltd., Ltd, is specialized in trading In and Out 49 sub-Saharan African countries. Click here for more.


- 4. How to establish business relationship with BusinessAfrica™ / Dr. Quenum & Associates?

- That depends on what you are searching for:

Please do use the Support & Contact Console available at following link: to open a ticket. An advantage of the support console is that all exchanges are grouped in a single folder/dossier.


- 5. - Do Dr. Quenum & Associates provide funds for projects?

- No. Dr. Quenum & Associates are not the "Financing Source". Dr. Quenum and Associates assist Client / Borrower / Investor to introduce funding request with leading financing groups worldwide.

- Currently Dr. Quenum & Associates have working relationship with a lending group that can finance a single project in Africa up to the amount of US$40million. Click this link for more

- Please kindly be advised that Dr. Quenum & Associates do not  provide Bank Guarantee / Security. The service had been discontinued.


- 6. What are the fees charged by financing source?

- Fees charged by financing source are listed here. They are independent from fees charged by Dr. Quenum & Associates - listed here


- 7. What is a Non Disclosure Non Circumvent Agreement?

- Before Client's business relationship with Dr. Quenum & Associates becomes "active" - particularly for "Financial Research," Client / Borrower / Investor should sign a Non Disclosure Non Circumvent Agreement (NDNC) with Dr. Quenum & Associates.

- Further, Dr. Quenum & associates would be releasing "Financing Source" contact information to Client / Borrower / Investor only after the NDNC Agreement had been agreed upon and signed by Client / Borrower / Investor on behalf of Dr. Quenum & Associates. Click here for NDNC Agreement draft


- 8. Which fees are charged to borrower by BusinessAfrica™ / Dr. Quenum & Associates?

- In brief, there is no upfront fees / commissions to be paid by Client to Dr. Quenum & Associates..

- Fees / commissions mentioned at this link are payable by Borrower to Dr. Quenum & Associates at Loan Closing's date. Click here for more on the matter

a)- Expenses and Absence Compensation Fees
(before Closing session) Click here for more, and click following link to review an article that explains How Financing Brokerage Works

b)- A "Success Fees" to be paid by borrower to Dr. Quenum & Associates when there is a tangible disbursement of funds on behalf of Client / Borrower. This fee is covered by a Pay Order issued by Borrower/ Client, appended to the NDNC Agreement and enforced on Loan Closing date. Click here for rates.

- For more on Fees and Commission charged by Dr. Quenum & Associates click here


- 9. What is the pricing list for other interventions/ services offered by Dr. Quenum & Associates?

- For other interventions and services apart from "Financing Research" a pricing list is available here


- 10. Dr.Quenum & Associates are not Importer / Exporter

- Dr. Quenum & Associates are not involved in import / export activities as such. However, they have exclusive worldwide marketing agreement with soft commodities exporters in several African countries. They clear primary paper work for companies involved - particularly drafting and receiving Letter of Intent to purchase - before connecting importers and exporters.

- However, Dr. Quenum & Associates may consider import / export activities if these are directly linked to a project for which Dr. Quenum & Associates:

a -
Assisted investor (s) to finding implementation funding
b - Planned for the setup of the operation


- 11. What to do to contact Importers / Exporters in Africa?

- a -
Africabiz - The online publication of BusinessAfrica - has a section dedicated to "African countries briefs" - which focus on political climate and analysis - with regards investment and trade matters. You may logon to following link and make your choice of the sub-Saharan African country you are interested in trading with.

- b - You have also the possibility to post messages, offers and demands, for free, directly into the "Worldwide Electronic Marketplace". We advise you to visit following link for an efficient usage of "Worldwide Electronic Marketplace"


- 12. Do Dr. Quenum & Associates connect international investors with Importers / Exporters in Africa?

- See Point 10 above outlined. Further, Dr. Quenum & Associates will connect international investors with Importers / Exporters in Africa only if said investors have business relationship with Dr. Quenum & Associates. And have signed an additional service contract with Dr. Quenum & Associates. Please see item N° 4 above


- 13. Job possibility with BusinessAfrica™ / Dr. Quenum & Associates

- Dr. Quenum & Associates are always in search for talents / collaborators that are well acquinted with problems hindering the developing of sub-Saharan African countries - poverty, lack of infrastructure, and who are in the position to bring in business. You may send your Resume through the support console - as first introduction to Dr. Quenum & Associates. There is also a job platform where you can post your CV for free. Click here to visit


- 14. How to contact BusinessAfrica™ / Dr. Quenum & Associates?

Locations of visitors to this page

- Interested parties - private African and international investors / companies, government agencies, international development agencies - to make first contact through the Support Console available at this link

First contact made through the Support Console will get quickest feedback than sending straight email or making phone calls. After that phone calls may follow suit.

In fact, we are swamped by phone calls, and your call may not be recognized by the system, and will not be answered - As for a straight email, it may go direct into the Trash bin or bounce back like a spam. So, please do make use of the Support Console for the first contact. Other contact information are available at this link

- For snail mail / postal address click here


- 15. What else?

- We do not reply to unsigned letter or Email because an email address alone is not sufficient to establish business relationship with Dr. Quenum And Associates. A post office mail or an Email send to Dr. Quenum & Asociates should bear the sender:

a - First name
b - Last name
c - Telephone number and fax number; website URL if any.
d - Postal / snail mail address

- If after reading listed answers (N° 1 to N° 15) you still have question(s) please visit the following link and open a ticket.
For Terms And Conditions: Click here. For Media Kit Click here


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