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April 15 - July 14, 2020
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Editor : Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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    Dear visitor and international investor,

    We warmly welcome you, if this is your first visit to Africabiz Online - The ultimate newsletter on trading and investing in 49 sub-Saharan African countries. If you are a regular and faithful reader, welcome back.


    Since Africabiz Online last delivery, which dealt with the US' assassination (January 3) of General Soleimani, a prominent Iranian leader, an astounding and destabilizing health event took over the whole world prompting the lockdown of four billion people - in Western Europe region, in America, and Africa.

    Only few countries (Belarus as a stark example) are resisting to follow the trend.

    The reason for this "strange" lockdown is the sudden appearance of the so-called CoronaVirus/Covid-19 all over the whole world to which the pandemic denomination had been attributed by pundits.

    Merriam Webster describes a pandemic disease as occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population.

    Now, let us take a look at the graphics below outlined. The one at the top compares Covid-19 death rate to other well known established diseases. You would remark the very tiny number of Covid-19 deaths compared to other diseases.

    Some might argue that the stats are dated back to March 2020. However, considering the second graphic, one notice that since then (March 2020) the outbreak reached a pick and is declining. Click here for a dynamic viewing of the trending.

    Created by Aatish Bhatia in collaboration with Minute Physics · World data provided by Johns Hopkins University · US state data provided by NYTimes · Shortcuts : +/- for daily changes, space to play/pause. (For a dynamic viewing, Click this link)

    The conclusion of the above exposé is that one cannot consider the outbreak of Covid-19 a pandemic. Further, hospitals are encouraged to consider any death as Covid-19 related.

    In addition, from October 1, 2019 to April 4, 2020, the United of America was in the midst of its annual flu epidemic season - which threshold of infected people is normally in the range of 7.1% of the population. This time the threshold reached the staggering level of 10%. The horrific stats reading as follows : 56,000,000 flu illnesses, 26,000,000 flu medical visits, 740,000 flu hospitalizations, and 62,000 flu deaths.

    Which cast a doubts on stats published about Covid-19 death toll in the United States and other western countries as any death in hospitals is now reported as Covid-19 related.

    The unrealistic stats related to Covid-19 death toll, is extensively described in this stream - produced by an activist writer and reporter David Icke, who, since early 1970 exposed all aspects of Globalization.
    So Covid-19/CoronaVirus Is Not A Pandemic. What Is It Then ?

    Since its apparition at Wuhan/China, Covid-19 behaved strangely, mutating to several strains that make virologists around the world, to consider it to be a bioweapon. That is a virus intentionally created in laboratory, to harm. Created by who ? By which nation ? Americans are pointing finger to the Chinese, and the Chinese are blaming the Americans.

    The mystery deepens when it appears that Globalists forces plotted CoronaMania years in advance.

    - Is The Global Lockdown The Adequate SolutionTo Covid-19 Outbreak ?

    Since mid-March the United States is in lockdown. Not globally, as President Trump had not ordered the lockdown. He leaved each individual State's governor to decide for himself.

    Trump on his part closed and sealed the country from the world at large, stopping travel from Europe Shengen zone to the U.S.

    European union nations followed suit, and since end of March beginning of April most African countries do the same.

    Analysing the lockdown policy, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick made following recommendations to the British government (recommendations valid for any government that put its country under lockdown) that they have to start telling their nation’s citizens the truth about the Coronavirus, that the lockdown is NOT the way to beat this disease

    He further states that the British government cannot have an exit strategy unless they have an overall strategy, as one follows directly from the other

    He continues, exposing the absurdity of the doomed-to-fail four strategies being used to fight the Coronavirus :

      1. Eradicate the virus from the entire population by enforcing lockdown

      2. Enforce lockdown until there is an effective treatment

      3. Enforce lockdown until there is a vaccine

      4. Enforce lockdown to slow the spread of the virus, so as to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed.

    Indeed, none of the policy above outlined is realistic. Eradicate the virus from the entire population ? Unfeasible. Since ages, not a single disease had been completely eradicated from the population of a country. Malaria is still present and much so in most tropical countries. As for influenza, which kills million in the States each season, it had not been eradicated, in spite of all efforts by the authorities.

    Enforce lockdown till an effective treatment is discovered or until a vaccine is "cooked" ? Unrealistic as vaccine specialists are speaking of at least 18 months to find a good one. Does anyone really believe that the population would accept/obey for a lockdown that would last 18 months ? Any government which implements such a long lasting lockdown  ; is asking for trouble. For sure.

    And what about the social distancing ? Look at this picture. You would notice Indians are not practicing social distance, and, at this date, India - a country of billion people, had recorded less than 200 people infected! So much for the social distancing!

    People around the world are now torching 5G infrastructure poles, convinced that the technology is triggering the outbreak of Covid-19.

    Not only that, citizens of the world are now waking up to the truth that the virus is real but the pandemic a hoax. Small protest rallies are now popping up to denounce the confinement see as a clampdown on civil rights and liberty. If these protest gatherings grow in numbers, governments around the world would live difficult times and may be toppled by riots.

    The coming 60 days would be crucial to see if Globalists would succeed in their diabolic quest to destroy patriots worldwide.

    If you speak French visit this link to see for yourself that it won't be easy for the Globalists to accomplish their final move to enslave the people of the world.

    No doubt, this Coronavirus/Covid-19 (
    Certificate for Virus ID=2019) outbreak is the catalyst event that would immensely change the world. It is during times like these that Empires fall, alliances between nations are reformed, and other countries gain a greater share of influence on the global stage.

    Even before the end of the confinement/lockdown worldwide, there is already a silver lining to the Covid-19 outbreak. The Federal Reserve Bank in the United States, as we know it - a debts based system, is dead. A huge event of paramount importance for the developing of the world at large and particularly for emerging nations.

    Click here to read about : The Federal Reserve Had Been Nationalized by Trump. The People Economy Will Take Over From Debts Based Central Bank System - Worldwide..

Your feedback / objection / contribution is welcome. Visit WorldWide BizCenter, and choose General Information (as topic) to create a thread for discussion. On the top of the WorldWide BizCenter page, there is a HELP link to assist you making an efficient use of the discussion board. This link also is useful

    Many thanks for dropping in and see you here on July 15, 2020

    Dr. B. M. Quenum

    Editor of AFRICABIZ

    contact dr. bienvenu-magloire quenum


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    With the release on January 31, 2013 of Africabiz Media™ flagship eBook, Africans, Stop Being Poor! The Roadmap to Prosperity for African Nations, the systematic update of the "Business Opportunities" section ends with delivery 129.

    The several deliveries about "Business Opportunities" in African countries - started since 1997 - exposed in the table above number 128. Each of these opening way to at least five additional investment opportunities, that makes around 600 (six hundred) business opportunities exposed by Africabiz Online since 1997.

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    From time to time, some exceptional project might be here reported, which needs shareholders.

    - This is not the end of Business Opportunities in Africa

    This is not the end of the Blog thought! If you do need a specific project to be tailored for you from the ground level, to financing research and implementation supervision, please visit the support page here available open a ticket to contact Dr. Quenum & Associates for assistance.

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