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ISSUE 159- VOL 2
April 15 - July 14, 2020

Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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    Welcome to the quarterly issue of Africabiz Online /free access Synopsis RSS Feed edition. Previous issue available at this link

    The introduction to this issue is available at this link

    - The Federal Reserve Had Been Nationalized by Trump. The People Economy Will Take Over From Debts Based Central Banking System - Worldwide.

    By Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum

    In a previous delivery, available here, Africabiz online stated, The Days Of Globalists' Debts-Based Central Banking System Are Numbered. And the problem of the Debts Based Central Banking system had been extensively covered in several issues.

    Now Trump took control of the Federal ReserveA God sent event for African nations as here stated in January 2017.

    Yes, it happened at last. The Federal Reserve is no more a foreign entity/corporation/agency. It is now a true U.S. reserve bank, merged with the Treasury.

    It is no more an agency independent from the White House's policy making process; free to set the amount of Money Supply to be released into the economy; charging interests to the Treasury for printing money from thin air.

    Interests collected by the Internal Revenue Service from the pocket of American people; dictating the evolution of world economy through its subsidiary Central Banks established everywhere, in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa; keeping emerging nations' heads under waters.

    - The FED Spearheaded The Globalization Drive

    Since the establishment of the Creature of the Jekyll Island, the Federal Reserve, in 1913, pundits and activists worldwide tried relentlessly to abolish it. During the first 30 years after the setup, many protesters had been ruined and some prematurely lost their lives.

    Together with the Bank of England, the FED promoted and setup debts based Central Banks all over the world. Only six countries escaped its tentacular clutches: Iran, North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Cuba. Today there are only three. Click here for more on the matter. The short list explains the reason why these recalcitrant countries had been targeted for destruction...

    After World War II, the Federal Reserve reinforced its power base, sponsoring the creation of score of international institutions, to bunkerize its presence: The United Nations Assembly (UN), the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlement (BIS), the World Health Organization (WHO). Not to forget hidden subsidiaries such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

    In short, the FED was secured and entrenched; an impregnable citadel, fearing no one.

    And during the 1990's it assisted in the setup of global trade agreements such as NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) to ship America's jobs overseas, to Mexico, Canada, China, Europe, and to some developing countries. Other Trade Agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership - (TPP); and its Atlantic leg, the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - (TTIP) were floated to be established after 2016's Presidential election.

    Then surprise, Donald J. Trump is elected president of the United States of America in November 2016. A big surprise indeed, for the Globalists - worldwide.

    - At Last: Trump Took Control of The Federal Reserve

    As soon as elected and sworn in office in January 2018, Trump renegotiated NAFTA, and replaced it with USMCA - United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement. The aim is to make USMCA a manufacturing powerhouse to boost jobs creation.

    Trump also blocked the United States participation in the Paris Climate Accord which articles and resolution he considers are hindrances to develop and consolidate the States' energy sector - particularly in coal-mining.  And he retired from the Trans Pacific Partnership and Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. A big blow to the Globalists world power domination project.

    In short, Trump considers these Globalists' organizations are hindrances and obstacles to boost American economy and "Make America Great Again".

    His big challenge, however, is to succeed taking control of the Federal Reserve. To show his determination to fulfil his electoral promise, he visited President Andrew Jackson tomb and hung his picture in the Oval Office. (To review President Andrew Jackson legacy battling against the central bank of his time, visit this link.)

    Trump started by getting rid of Yellen - the president of the FED he inherited from the precedent administration. He refused to give her a new term and instead appointed Powell. A bold move, never seen before as the president of the FED has always been nominated and appointed by the cartel controlling the FED.

    That move saved his presidency, as Yellen would certainly not be compliant to his desire and injunctions to lower FED's interest rates during this campaign period for 2020 presidential election. She certainly would have raised interests rate and ruined the economy.

    So after appointing Powell Trump increased pressure on him asking again and again for the interest rate to be lowered; claiming they are to high and not lower enough for the United States to compete with foreign nations - particularly with China. He finally got what he wanted. At the end of February 2020,  FED lowered interest rate to almost Zero. Then Trump nationalized the institution end of March 2020.

    - What Will Change? The Consequences For World Economy

    Now Trump is the de facto president of the FED. It is him who will decide upon the Money Supply to the economy. He will use the FED printing press to provide money to the Treasury to revive the economy, at zero interest rate. The infrastructure network will be rebuilt and upgraded.

    He started already with the stimulus package - US$2 trillions to start with. Portion of the stimulus package will be used to send stimulus checks (around US$ 1200/2400) to workers and families blocked and confined at home due to the breakout of Covid-19.

    The Internal Revenue Service tax on payroll may be suppressed. Mortgage payment to banks are suspended for at least 9 months. Idem for students loans' repayments. Etc.

    In brief, the Federal Reserve will become a public bank, which advantages Africabiz Online exposed in several issues, and summarized in the following caption:

    - To mint money for the state, manage it and pay interests to the country's treasury.
    - The state to use the money to setup/establish all kinds of infrastructure, roads, bridges, dams, universities, schools, hospitals, airports. Etc. Providing credit to entrepreneurs at very low/insignificant rate, in the range of 0.5%. The beneficiary enterprises would pay taxes and fees of all sorts to the state's coffer.
    - To provide credit to private entrepreneurs/handicraft makers, small businesses and artisans for the purchase of equipment, at 0.5% interest rate; and operational credit facility to the same, at 1% rate. The beneficiary would be paying back taxes and fees to the state.
    - To provide credit facility to agriculturalists/peasants at ZERO percent rate for seeds purchase; and credit facility to purchase machinery at 1% interest rate. No doubt that the agricultural production would be boosted. The beneficiary agricultural enterprises would pay back taxes and fees.
    - To provide credit to consumers to build houses, purchase equipment for the house and cars. Etc. No doubt that a consumption boom would result from such a policy - and boost the manufacturing of household equipment. Etc.

    - All this is simple speculation. Utopia?

    Following above outlined monetary and fiscal policies, the U.S. economy will rebound and prosper in the very near future.

    The next step for Trump during his second term would be to finish the job "killing" the Petro-dollar system (the strategic tool used by the Globalists to wage endless wars,) - and re-establish Gold Standard for a new dollar note controlled by the Treasury.

    No doubt, other nations of the world would follow suit; establishing national state controlled public banks, to boost their economy

    Click here to review
    why the setup of national public banks would be a game-changer strategy for African nations to boosting the developing process.

    Trump use Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak and the epidemic hoax as cover to speed up the nationalization of the FED. If it was not for the outbreak, he would have to wait for the second term period, navigating for months through unbelievable obstacles, to go against the FED. Covid-19 was a God sent event for him, and he had not left a crisis to be wasted!

    For additional Africabiz Online's takes on the matter, click here.

    Donald J. Trump declared himself "A Stable Genius" - to counter opinions that view him as crazy. The persisting question, is not whether the President is crazy but whether he is crazy like a fox or crazy like crazy -Click here for more

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