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ISSUE 158- VOL 2
January 15 - April 14, 2020

Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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    Welcome to the quarterly issue of Africabiz Online /free access Synopsis RSS Feed edition. Previous issue available at this link

    The introduction to this issue is available at this link


    By Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum

    In a previous delivery, available here, Africabiz online stated, The Days Of Globalists' Debts-Based Central Banking System Are Numbered. This issue is a continuation to explaining said statement. 

    Indeed, since said delivery three months ago, innumerable events occurred in the financial and political arenas that reinforce Africabiz Online diagnostic. The most striking one (so to speak!) is the assassination of General Soleimani which geostrategic & geopolitical consequences are here briefly discussed.

    Said assassination was followed by ballistic missiles strikes on American bases in Iraq - by the Iranian regime.

    One thing to notice, is that President Trump did not order a counter strike on Iranian targets, when he addressed the nation the day after the attacks on American bases in Iraq. He announced additional sanctions to be applied to Iran. He also made this astounding declaration: The US is now energy sufficient/independent and do not need anymore the Middle-East's oil. You may visualize the video of the address at following link.

    The previous highlighted declaration is a bombshell that would have an immense geopolitics and geostrategic implications during Trump's second term in office - for America and the whole world alike.

    Trump declaration seems correct when one considers the graphic below exposed at left side; but some experts disagree and say the independence is still a decade away as per the chart below outlined at the right side.]

    In spite of the difference of opinion (between patriots and Globalists) that could be reviewed at following link, the declaration made by Trump during his address to the nation is a true bombshell - as it is a harbinger to the coming economic policy to be applied by Trump and the patriots during Trump second term in office.

    Let's delve into the possible consequences resulting from that bombshell declaration.

    - What Does The Declaration Truly Means

    On the campaign trail to 2016's presidential election, Donald J. Trump declared," My candidacy and probable election is an existential threat to the establishment." Click following link to read about and stream videos about the famous declaration.

    Saying that the US is now energy independent and do not need Middle-East oil anymore, is just the reaffirmation of what he said in 2016: his determination to stop endless wars and pull US troops back home from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

    And now he is stating "the US is energy independent and do not need Middle-East's oil anymore."  Which means that if the US do not need Middle-East's oil anymore, the petro-dollar system put in place by Henry Kissinger in 1973 - the cornerstone of America diplomacy and economy for five decades would become obsolete.

    And therefore, if the petro-dollar becomes obsolete to managing the economy, the debts-based central banking system, which makes use of the petro-dollar to control money supply to countries around the world, and assist Globalists big companies to invest around the world would also become obsolete.

    In short, if the US does not need the petro-dollar anymore, Trump can pull out US troops from the Middle-East and implement one of the major promise he made: the reform of the Federal Reserve Bank and deprive the Globalists from their main tool of "subversion" - a deadly weapon against the development of not only emerging nations but also America itself.

    Indeed, the existing of the petro-dollar system had been used by the debts-based central banking system, and the Globalists corporations to sponsor/create several institutions, to police countries and force them to stay in the system: the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank for International Settlement (BIS), the World Trade organization (WTO), the SWIFT banking exchange platform to transfer capital around the world in search for cheap labor and underpriced natural resources, to produce goods and services that are sold back to America and Europe with huge profits.

    Global Trade Agreement such as NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) was cooked by Globalists to ship America's jobs overseas, to Mexico, Canada, China, Europe and some developing countries. Other Trade Agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership - TPP; and its Atlantic leg, the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - TTIP were floated to be established after result of 2016's Presidential election.

    As soon as elected and sworn in office in January 2018, Trump renegotiated NAFTA, and replaced it with USMCA - United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement. The aim is to make USMCA a manufacturing powerhouse to boost jobs creation.

    Trump also blocked the United States participation in the Paris Climate Accord which articles and resolution he considers are  hindrances to develop and consolidate the States' energy sector - particularly in the coal-mining sector.

    In short, Trump considers all these Globalists' organizations as obstacles to boost American economy and "Make America Great Again".

    If President Trump considers these Globalists' organizations as an hindrance to the development of a big/great nation such as the United States, what one could think about the negative impact they are having on the development of fragile emerging nations, which are at the very first step of nation building?

    - Trump And Patriots Are Morphing The Global Economy Away From the Debts-Based Central Banking System

    As explained at following link, since he took office in January 2018, Trump is on a crusade path against the Federal Reserve Bank - railing against its interest rate policy, claiming they are to high and not lower enough for the United States to be in the position to compete with foreign nations - particularly with China. He want the interest rate to be lowered to Zero and even to become negative.

    Now, his ambition, if reelected to a second term, is to finish the job, take back the monetary policy from the Federal Reserve Bank to the US Treasury; and plan adequately for to completely rebuild the economy; bring back manufacturing business from overseas, provide loans to entrepreneurs at affordable and lower interest rate, to creating jobs in abundance.
    Currently, even if he is not yet in full control of the Federal Reserve, he had in three years time in office, accomplished an amazing recovery of the US economy, creating millions of jobs in the large spectrum of the society, in African American, Latinos, Asian American communities.

    His tax reformed gave extra money to the working class and farmers to spend increasing within the population the "illusion" of prosperity. We say "illusion" because the prosperity is still controlled by debts-based Central Banking model.

    Even the trade war he initiated with China is yielding astonishing results  in favor of the US economy, that impressed the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, who declared: The US Economy Sailed Through Two Turbulent Years of Trade War With Barely A Scratch.

    Coming from the Wall Street Journal, that's statement to be remembered and which cannot be contested by the never-Trumpers!

    The FED, however, is a hard nut to crackle, and only president Trump may succeed - due to its business acumen; and the crack team of patriots experts he gathered around to assist doing so.

    If President Trump succeeds in grabbling back the power to mint money from the Federal Reserve, handing it back to the Treasury, one can foresee a very bright future for America for decades to come - as money would circulate aplenty and create riches. Truly, "The Future Belongs To Patriots and Not to Globalists" -Worldwide!

    Let's hope that Trump succeeds in his quest. If so, he would open the way for other nations of the world to follow suit and create public banking system in their countries - driving a global prosperity worldwide and alleviating poverty in emerging nations. Anyway, the Globalists' debts-based Central Banking System is running out of steam, and cannot continue.

    Fire up your speakers to listen to a pundit analysis about how the global economy is transitioning, under Trump leadership from the debts-based central banking system to people's economy.

    For additional Africabiz Online's takes on the matter, click here.

    Donald J. Trump declared himself "A Stable Genius" - to counter opinions that view him as crazy. The persisting question, is not whether the President is crazy but whether he is crazy like a fox or crazy like crazy -Click here for more

    About the management of this Blog: Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum is the principal/ managing director of Dr. Quenum & Associates, IBC; an experienced Investment & Business Planner with 30 years consulting practice in African countries; author of Africans, Stop Being Poor! and the editor in chief of Africabiz Online

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