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© Bedford Nwabueze Umez, Ph.D.

Dr. Umez is the Coordinator of LIBERATING AFRICAN MIND, LAM: BELIEF AND THE FUTURE OF AFRICA. Author of: "Nigeria: Real Problems, Real Solutions,"

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Umez is not a member of AFRICABIZ editorial board. This is a featured article published by AFRICABIZ on behalf of the author - January 15, 2000 -.Views and opinions expressed are Dr. Umez's.

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We, the members of the LAM, Liberating the African Minds, firmly believe that the future of Africa lies completely with the liberated and enlightened African minds. That is, for Africa to record meaningful growth and development like other continents, her affairs MUST be run by those Africans who have risen above and beyond the following related fundamental enemies of Africa, namely, inferiority complex, colonial mentality and mental slavery. Only those enlightened Africans understand, beyond any shadow of doubts, how these three enemies of destruction constitute the super destroyers of the present day Africa.

Kindly fasten your psychological seatbelt, exercise some patience and read on for precise details.


There are concrete evidences pointing to the fact that inferiority complex, colonial mentality and mental slavery constitute the core problems of development in Africa. They have completely destroyed and poisoned the minds, the souls and the thought processes of over 90% of African leaders and elites to the point that the only thing making sense to them is a total destruction of their own people. Below are the evidences:

One indisputable evidence is the shameless and mindless robbery of the struggling African people on a daily basis just to invest in foreign countries (even though those countries consider our people worthless, and in some instance, the "most corrupt" species in human race). Consider, for instance, the Abachas of Nigeria, continuing their atrocious robbery of Nigerian people as we write. Consider the Mobutus of Congo, continuing the wicked loot in that country.

Another indisputable evidence (of how inferiority complex, colonial mentality and mental slavery constitute the core problems of development in Africa) is the use of the meager resources in Africa by most African leaders to buy weapons abroad simply to kill their own people. Consider the Ethiopian/Eritrean conflicts. Consider the Hutus/Tutsis's conflict in Burundi. Consider the conflicts between the governments and rebels in Sierra Leone and Congo. The list is shamefully very long.

1. To these African leaders, the starvation of African children, African youths, African civil servants and the masses [due to their "screwed" mental construct that African money is better productive in foreign banks] is normal.

2. To them, complete neglect of education of the African youths, exemplified by acute, chronic and wicked starvation of African teachers, senseless under- funding of libraries, blatant neglect of researches, and the irrational closure of institutions of higher learning for months, is normal.

3. To them, lack of good roads, clean water, clean air, and good hospitals in so many cities and towns of Africa is normal.

4. To them, there is nothing wrong or shameful at the sorry sight of the millions of their fellow Africans dying of starvation when their own countries have some lucrative natural resources (e.g., crude oil in Nigeria, diamond in Sierra Leone, etc.) to be great nations. In fact, they are not bothered by those annoying, skeletal pictures of the dying Africans shown on television screens for the world to see [what brothers can mindlessly do to their own brothers]--the pictures that have potential to freeze the most deadliest python with shock and sympathy.

5. To them, it is perfectly normal for a leader, a servant of the people, to have dozens of private cars, solid gold bathtubs (with money he steals from his own people) when so many of his people are unsure of their next meal.

6. To them, the current mass exodus of so many Africans to other continents to escape brutal and callous starvation [caused by their mindless robbery of Africa] is normal.

7. To them, abnormalities and aberrations are simply synonymous with normalities.

8. In fact, to them, nothing succeeds like failure.


Fellow Africans, this mindset of well over 90% of African leaders and elites does not define leadership; it defines total self-destruction. PERIOD!

We understand very clearly that the mind is EVERYTHING. Specifically, we know quite well that if "A" can control "B's" mind, "A" automatically controls "B's" money, his wife, his children and every other thing that belongs to "B." We understand that the minds of well over 90% of African leaders have been tragically hijacked by inferiority complex, colonial mentality and mental slavery to the point that they have sold their birthrights to foreigners. This understanding [that the mind is EVERYTHING and that the minds of most African leaders are in foreign banks] goes far beyond nominal academic degrees, certificates, and bogus titles (that are often paraded by most African leaders and elites whose definition and understanding of the word, leadership, stops at titles). Only the enlightened minds understand the scheme of things in this human race and therefore act and react accordingly in every situation.


Fellow Africans, Africa is sick and tired of being ruled mostly by narrow minded, egotistical, selfish and twisted brains who find it only fashionable to rob their own brothers and sisters with impunity, with pride and WITHOUT mercy, only to feed Swiss people and other foreigners (through their investments in those countries).

Africa is sick and tired of being ruled mostly by those who are so PROUD and shameless to have foreign bank accounts when they know QUITE WELL that the leaders and elites of those countries [where they heap African money] have no penny in African banks, and probably never will.

Africa is sick and tired of being ruled mostly by leaders who DO NOT know the importance of education.

Africa is sick and tired of being ruled by over 90% of her leaders whose priority in life is conspicuous lavish lifestyle [tragically rooted in the mentality that "my gold bathtub has more gold than yours," or "my Mercedes is bigger than yours"] when hunger and malnutrition are claiming, without mercy, so many innocent lives in Africa, when African hospitals are abandoned, schools closed for months, roads filled with endless pits, graduates jobless, and armed robbery rampant.


Fellow Africans, something is definitely wrong with a leader (or any man) who hates himself and his people only to love outsiders. Something is definitely wrong with a leader (or any man) who is totally inferior to anything foreign. Something is definitely wrong with a leader who is so comfortable in his "gold bathtubs," dozens of private cars (bought with the money he has embezzled) when his people are dying daily of starvation, malnutrition and kwashiorkor (due to his demented mentality of piling up his country's money in foreign countries). Something is definitely wrong with a leader who is constantly subjecting his people, his country and his continent to pure laughing stocks.

Our brothers and sisters, something is definitely wrong with a leader (or any man) who simply refuses to think! A leader without shame is as good as a dead body. A leader without pride is completely empty and useless. It does not take a course in logic for one to understand that the primary cause of our major problems today is that so many dead brains are ruling us. To the extent that they refuse so doggedly and without shame to think (of their bizarre behavior of starving their own blood only to feed outsiders) underscores this point, loud and clear. Because those dead brains refuse to think, such African countries as Nigeria, Ethiopia, Burundi, Uganda, Congo, Sierra Leone, etc., will continue to decay, all things being equal. It is this bizarre behavior of dog-eat-dog or better still, cannibalism that makes so many people wonder whether all animals are [created] equal:


To better answer the above question from your honest hearts, simply close your eyes for one minute. As you close your eyes, compare the mentalities and behaviors of over 90% African leaders and elites with the mentalities and behaviors of the leaders and elites of the West where those 90% plus African leaders and elites bank the money they steal from Africa or where they buy weapons just to kill their own, African people. After comparison, then answer the question: "Are all animals really equal?" We believe that approaching this question from a comparative perspective is very important because without sound comparison, the mind does not know how to proceed, especially on such questions as why Mr. A is doing better than Mr. B or why Swiss government is doing better than Nigerian government, for instance. What then is the real answer?


We firmly believe that TRUE education -- the common sense - is the only key to the liberation of Africa. It is the only key to changing the mentalities of self-destruction, self-abuse and self-hatred. It is the only key to eradicate, once and for all, collective ignorance, inferiority complex, colonial mentality and mental slavery among so many African leaders and elites. It is the only key to the African growth, pure and simple. Africa is in dire need of that missing link, namely, the common sense/true education.

Africa is bitterly crying (and has been crying, as a matter of fact, since the times of slave trade and colonialism to this very day) for REAL leaders, REAL elites, and REAL men (who will stop her from being a laughing stock in the company and comity of other continents).

We must get rid of the number one killer in Africa today, and that killer is the mindset that charity [i.e., African money] should be banked in foreign banks and not in Africa. If you are a true African; if you care for African people; if you are ashamed of seeing some dying Africans on TV screens due to malnutrition, starvation, inadequate health care, and senseless conflicts, please join the fight to stop this wicked, wanton and senseless robbery of Africa by over 90% of her leaders and elites, and this is how:

1. If you are involved in this dog-eat-dog madness of looting Africa only to pile up the loot in some foreign countries, please stop the nonsense (for your action is nothing but an act of genocide).

2. If your parents, brothers, sisters or any acquaintances are involved in this craziness, plead with them to have a change of heart because this is not only an act of genocide, but also an act of self-destruction, self-hatred and self-abuse. The point is very clear: a leader who loves himself and his country should have no business robbing his own people, his children, his future only to feed outsiders. It is that simple.

3. If you know any leader/elite who is involved in this senseless sadism of deriving pleasure at the expense of the mass sufferings in Africa, i.e., if you are close to any leader/elite who has dozens of private cars, solid gold bathtubs by embezzling African money, plead with him to stop (for a good leader must have some morals; he must have some consideration for his own people; he must be human).

4. If you are residing abroad, NEVER you participate in helping the looters to open foreign bank accounts; do not be a part of the bloodbath in Africa. Stay away from genocide acts. Do not participate in shading innocent bloods in Africa.

5. If you cannot beat them -- the looters -- please DO NOT join them.


Brothers and sisters, you know, as we do, that today so many African leaders frequently visit the West either to "learn Western political system" or to "attract foreign business/investments."

It is obvious that these frequent trips have become the order of the day. But how can such trips attract any meaningful business in Africa when in actuality such trips are mostly planned to siphon African money from Africa to Western banks and/or to open more foreign bank accounts? Put differently, how can our banks do well when most of our funds are heaped in foreign banks during the so-called visits "to learn Western political systems?" How can our businesses do well when the money they could have borrowed from our banks [for businesses] are piled up in private foreign bank accounts during such fake visits "to attract Western/foreign businesses?" And, of course, how can the overall economy grow when most of our leaders and elites pile up billions of our money in foreign lands? Indeed, there are so many Mobutus and Abachas [i.e., stealers of African money] today in Africa; it is just a matter of how much money each and every one of them has in foreign banks. Above all, how can such trips lead to African growth when the "visitors" refuse to learn the only fact that makes the West strong, namely, the prudent refusal of the Western leaders to have any penny in African banks. Those destroyers of Africa, called leaders, must know that this senseless behavior of robbing their own people to pay foreigners can never be learned from foreign governments. In fact, foreign governments enjoy the money, and who would not? Common sense, which is uncommon among so many African leaders, is the only teacher; it is the only key for growth and development in Africa; nothing more, nothing less!


We, therefore, continue to ask African leaders and elites, especially those leaders and elites in Nigeria, Burundi, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Congo, Uganda, etc., to hold, without delay FREQUENT economic summits in their respective countries (instead of traveling abroad to "learn" other's political systems) to not only articulate the destructive and deadly impacts of piling African money in foreign banks, but to stop, in a collective sense and without further delay, such mentalities of self-abuse, self-destruction and self-hatred. African money must be invested in Africa; it is only common sense!


Fellow Africans, we must get rid of this destructive mindset of so many African leaders -- the mindset that "charity" should begin abroad -- in order for Africa to grow like other continents. We must destroy inferiority complex, mental slavery and colonial mentality. Frankly, there is no better choice; in fact, there is no other choice.

Please join or form groups of mind-liberators or act on your own individual initiative, to teach and reeducate over 90% of our leaders and elites on how to be patriotic because if leaders do not lead well, followers will not follow well. Specifically, we learn by examples. Often, we learn by examples set by our parents. Similarly, we learn, quite often from the examples set by our leaders and elders. We must let those leaders and elites who are destroying Africa know that investing [in a collective sense] African resources in Africa, as other leaders we call "developed" or "civilized" are doing in their own continents, is the practical definition of the word, patriotism; it is the only way for Africa to move forward and for Africa to be respected in this world.

Respect is earned, and to earn respect, one must respect oneself. Those involved in the destruction of Africa must know that investing African resources in Africa is the only way for Africa to be respected; it is the only way to prove that "all animals are equal," after all. Specifically, Swiss leaders, American leaders, Japanese leaders, German leaders, French leaders, among others, do not have two heads while the looters of Africa (called leaders) have only one. The fact of the matter is that all leaders (and all of us, of course) have one head; the only difference, as we have been saying, is that some leaders use their heads to think positively to benefit themselves and their countries, others use theirs to think negatively to rob and loot their own countries. Tufiakwa!


To become an African mind-liberator, you must accept the fact that without a revolutionary theory in Africa, there could be no revolution in Africa; you must dedicate yourself to the liberation of Africa knowing quite well that the future of Africa lies completely with the liberated African minds; you must accept the wisdom that great men discuss ideas and therefore be willing to discuss ideas to move Africa forward; you must not engage in name-calling and personal attacks for these kinds of behaviors assure one thing, namely, destabilization and destruction of Africa; you must accept the truth that Africans are one and therefore should be willing and able to resolve whatever differences created by artificially drawn boundaries by the colonizers (whose primary objective was their own selfish, commercial interest); you must be willing to discuss issues politely, professionally, civilly, friendly for these are the only ways for progress and development in Africa; you must accept the fact that with integrity, leadership, vision and imagination, the future of Africa knows no bound; and you must not be a part of the "leadership" and "elite" that is currently robbing Africa only to deposit the loot in foreign countries.


Thanks for sharing our beliefs and thoughts, and for spreading the word about new thoughts and ideas of moving Africa forward. We ask God to bless you for condemning evil [mostly brought in Africa by most of her leaders and elites who DO NOT know shame]. We thank you for sharing the belief that the only way to overcome evil is to do good. We also thank you in advance for being a part and parcel of the African mind-liberators. We ask God to bless you for not being jealous of your fellow Africans, for loving your fellow Africans, and for loving yourself!

For Africa to grow, her leaders and elites must believe that Africa matters, hence, our motto/theory: Liberated African minds are the future of Africa.

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