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Entrepreneurs and Jobs-seekers Marketplace is a platform where entrepreneurs / projects owners and experts / freelancers meet to swap, jobs and expertise worldwide - in any line of legitimate and legal business.

You can as Freelancer bid for any job category created by Projects-Owners on Freelance Worldwide platform, provided you have Internet connection and are familiar with mainstream IT's productivity tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Macromedia DreamWeaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat PDF maker and translation utilities. Etc.

Click here for User's Manual, How it works and Jobs' categories.
To go straight to Freelance Wordwide Platform's entry page click here
For Terms & Conditions to using' several platforms, click here
For global Privacy Policy applied by go here
Click here for Buyers/Projects-Owners' Frequently Asked Questions.


1- Even if - when registering to Freelance Worldwide - you specified (optional) an hourly rate, it is advised that you do not bid on projects on hourly rate basis. It is preferable that you bid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to give a global amount to your bid. If you do need more information to make your estimate, then please ask for more information in the project's forum board. (Each project has a forum board to facilitate exchanges between Projects-owners and Freelancers.)

2- Your expertise to be in legal and legitimate business lines. Click here to review Jobs' Categories

3- Expertise for illegal programming with regards warez projects, reverse engineering and software cloning of existing copyrighted scripts and software and any kind of consumers' products are strictly forbidden. Sex' business expertise is banned.

4- Do not bid $1, $5, etc., or bid amounts that are way too low, just to lowball, to get attention, or to place your bid on top spot. That will not work and in the contrary is considered casualness, which definitely would lower your chance to be a winner. Provide a good estimate to the buyer (Job-Owner) with regards the required job. (See point 1 above.)

5- Moderators may edit your bid to bring it in compliance with above recommendations or simply remove / delete your account.

6- In case you do notalready have an account with PayPal, you can create one right now for free!. Click o on the following link to do so - Paypal. It is the payment gateway used by Freelance Worldwide to conclude deals between Job-Owner and Freelancer. Account creation is free at Paypal.

It is strongly advised you use your PayPal email address to register with Freelance Worldwide.

8- Do not post your URL in your posts for bids and do not provide Projects-Owners any kind of contact information (email address, Messaging number, Tel and Fax) anywhere including in projects' messages-boards or ask them to contact you. In case you do that, monitors would eventually delete your account.

Email addresses provided by Buyers/-Owners and Job' Seekers/Freelancers during registration's processes are kept confidential, hidden from Freelancers and Projects-Owners and stored in individual "safe" on the platform. They are released to the respective Project-Owner and to the bid-winner once they agreed to swap job and expertise; and after required commissions to Freelance Worldwide are secured. Everything calculated and automatically executed by the powering engine.

9- Do not create multiple accounts - Normally Freelance Worldwide's powering engine does not allow it and would warn you that you have already an account. However, you may succeed creating multiple Freelancer's accounts (Any tweaking is possible in the IT's world!) but you would end up having your account removed as Freelance Worldwide's moderators will spot and detect them.

10- However, you are entitled to Sign Up for one Project-Owner's account if you already have one Freelancer account.

11- When you sign up as new freelancer a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you input. You have to click on the link provided in said confirmation email to go to signing process' Step 2 and finalize your account's creation.

12- When you finish the sign up process you immediately get a password, which may contain alpha numeric and other arithmetic signs such as = (equal), + (plus) or exclamation mark (!), or question mark (?) or #. That is your password may looks like this: Password: 2!lv#CRjZ

Considering above outlined example, please make sure you input your password as provided (2!lv#CRjZ) - without the brackets of course! It is better to copy and paste and keep the email that contains the password in a safe place.


1 -How does this work?
2- How much does this cost?
3- How do I communicate with Project-Owners?
4- Is There a Sign Up Bonus?
5- Do you have a referral program?
6- What Bonus is attached to the referral program?


15- When do you charge your commission?
16- Do I have to add money to my account?
17- How do I add money to my account?
18- How to withdraw money from my account?
I9- Can I get a partial refund on the commission Freelance Wordwide takes?
20- If I am unable to complete a project, will I still be charged a commission or can I get a credit?

7- How do I place a bid on a project?
8- How do I update a bid I placed on a project?
9- How do I cancel a bid I placed?
10- How to get more information about a project?
11- Why the "Place Bid" button is missing on the project page?
12- What is "bid for the total project"?
13- What if I can't make an accurate bid?
14- What if I want to make change to or cancel a bid?

Transaction security

This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. No one can view your account information without your password, which you can change anytime you want (Clicking on the Edit Info tab that is available in the account managing panel (Manage Account tab on the entry page).

A staff member from will never ask you to submit your password by email, fax or telephone. Take precaution not be fooled by people who send fraudulent email requesting for your password. A prudent behavior is never to click links inside unsolicited mails.

Credit Card information is not an issue since Freelance Worldwide uses one long standing payment processor Paypal. (You may visit previous link to open a PayPal account. It is free and the most convenient way to do business on the Net.

It is strongly advised you use your PayPal email address to register with Freelance Worldwide - That would facilitate payments' procedure as below outlined)


How does it works?

After signing up for free, you can bid on project(s) / jobs posted by buyers / Projects-Owners. This is similar to an auction where Jobs are traded against expertise worldwide. (The system allows for maximum 90 days during which a project remain open for bidding.) You choose freely to bid on projects. Click here to review a concise User's Manual

How much it costs?

There is no signup fee and no monthly fee, but a commission is charged by Freelance Worldwide to experts/ Freelancers once they are ready to bid on a specific project. Said commission represents two and a half point percent of the winning bid - with a minimum of US$ 5 (five) whichever is greater. Of course there are additional fees charged by the payment processor - Paypal (Click here for more.)

How do I communicate with Projects-Owners?

You can post messages on projects' message boards. If you post a private message to a specific Project-Owner, only the person will see it on his private message board. Said user will also be notified by e-mail that you posted a message to him. After you win a bid, and Freelance Worldwide commissions are fully paid, both parties can communicate directly by any preferred methods. See Point 8 of the guidelines here available

Is there a Sign up Bonus?

Yes a US$ 3 (three) bonus is added to your balance account at sign up

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. A referral link is automatically added to your Profile when you sign up. After you finish the registration process, Click on Manage Account (as Freelancer) and you shall see at the bottom of the page a referral link to use. Suppose your sign up ID is: Johnson, your referral link would be: that you should use to refer people to Freelance Worldwide.

What bonus is attached to the referral program?

A Bonus of US$ 1 (one) is automatically added to your balance account when someone sign up for a Project-Owner / Buyer account using your referral link. For someone signing for a Freelancer account, the bonus added to your balance account is 50 cents.



How do I place a bid on a project?

Go to Freelance Worldwide's entry page and (1) login and click on View Open Projects, and then (2) click on the Project you are interested in. A page will open with two "Place Bid" buttons; one is located above and another below the project in question. (3) Follow instructions.

Please kindly be advised that to place a bid on a project you should have enough money in your account to cover full commission and bid in order to finalize the bid (if you win the bid and reach final agreement with Buyer / Project-Owner.)

Suppose you are bidding for a project (job) valued at US$ 300. You need to have enough money in your account to cover the potential commission (The commission you will be charged if you are later chosen for this project). The potential commission, based on your bid, will be $7.5 and a you have $3 in your account (the bonus you obtained when you Sign up to Freelance Worldwide), you would normally have to deposit $4.5 - However, as the minimum deposit accepted by the system is $5 (five), you would be required to deposit $5 (instead of $4.5) before placing this bid. Click here to review how to perform the deposit

How do I update a bid I already placed on a project?

Just submit a new bid and your old one will automatically be removed.

How do I cancel a bid I placed?

Login to your Account (as Freelancer) click on Manage Account, find the project, and click on the "Retract bid" link.

How to get more information about a project?

In case you need some clarification about a project (bid duration, tendering amount or anything else that could help you place a better bid) just post a message on the project's message board. To perform that you just click on the link to project' message board provided on the project's page.

Why the "Place Bid" button is missing on the project page?

If the project is closed it does not show up, because bidding has ended. It will also not show up if the project is frozen, which means bidding has temporarily been stopped.

What is "bid for the total project"?

This is the amount (in U.S. dollars) that you will charge the project creator, if you are chosen. It's a project total. Not an hourly rate. Click here to review guidelines

What if I can't make an accurate bid?

Normally there should be no problem impeding you making an accurate bid. In principle, Project / Job is well described by the buyer / Project-Owner and you should not make any guess or estimates. You just consider the pricing listed by the Project-Owner. The information provided in Project's description should be enough to decide how long it will take you to finish the project. If you think you need more info to make a better bid, post a message on the project's message board to request for additional information.

What if I want to make change to or cancel a bid?

To change your bid you can just put a new bid and the old bid will be automatically removed. To cancel your bid, just login to your account, click on Manage Account, find the link to retract bid for the corresponding project.



When do you charge your commission and how much will it be?

When a project Owner chose you as the final bid-winner, the project on which you bid is closed /archived and you will be charged 2.5 % of your bid, or $5 (the minimum deposit accepted by the system), whichever is greater. Of course there are additional Fees charged by the payment processor (Paypal) Click here for more.

Do I have to add money to my account?

Sign Up to open an account is commissions' Free, but eventually you will probably have to. First to bid on a project, your account should have enough money to cover commissions and fees. Second, If your account balance is below zero dollars for more than 30 days your account will be frozen. That means you will not be able to place any new bids on projects.

Login to the Manage Account area and click on the "Deposit Money" button to correct the situation. Click here for more on the matter

How do I withdraw money from my account?

Login [as Freelancer - not as Project Owner / Buyer!)] to the Manage Account area and click on the "Withdraw Money" button. For the time being, we choose to only send money via PayPal - That is you must have a PayPal account in order to receive money.

If I charged the project owner less than I bid, can I get a partial refund on the commission Freelance Worlwide takes?

No. All bids are final and so are commissions based on the winning bid. Further, a situation of that kind would be your own making that shows you have not read guidelines and had not followed advises here available.

If I am unable to start/complete the project, can I get my commission credited?

No, once you accept a project the commissions are charged and will not be refunded under any circumstances, unless the buyer does not pay Freelance Worldwide to get the project started. That situation is anyway unlikely as Freelance Worldwide's powering engine performs everything automatically and withholds the commissions you owe Freelance Worldwide before you are allowed to bid on the project. And does the same with Project-Owner before is allowed to pick you as bid-winner. You will be notified via email by Freelance Worldwide and asked to either accept or decline the project. Once you accept it, commissions withheld when you bid on the project is definitely transferred to Freelance Wordwide and you must complete the project and commissions and fees will not be refunded. Click here to read Project Owner's question about same kind of problem.

Yes, if you asked the buyer / Project-Owner to add funds in an Escrow account (that is jointly managed by Freelance Worldwide and the buyer), as we strongly advise you to do when finalizing the deal with the project-owner. And/or if the buyer does not make such arrangements for the payment then you need to notify us within 48 hours, that the buyer cancelled the project and did not follow up. We will then check and once we confirm that the buyer has not added funds to get the project started, we will credit your commission.
Click here to read Project Owner's question about same kind of problem.

I have bad experiences in the past where buyers have not paid - how can I make sure I get paid promptly from the buyer?

We have an escrow feature on our website. Before you start the work ask the buyer to put money in the escrow (they can do so by logging into their account) and this way the buyer can transfer money to your account, when you finish the project but the buyer cannot retract the money without Freelance Worldwide's approval and if necessary Freelance Worldwide would do whatever possible to help resolve disputes.

However, please be kindly advised that once you strike a deal with a buyer / Project-Owner, Freelance Worldwide is no more engaged or responsible for the compliance of contracts. Please do review Terms and Conditions here available. In short, it is your responsibility to negotiate with Projects-owners and have an Escrow account opened for your bid, to follow-up and have the deal completed to the points.

Commission Payments and Fair Business:

In principle, things are simple - you place a bid on a tender / job to be performed as requested by buyer / Project-owner. You choose freely to bid on said project following our policies and guidelines placed on top of current page. Then the system requests the automatic withholding of the amount of money necessary to cover payment of commissions and fees and release contact information for you to finalize the deal with the bid-winner as above and here explained.

Please be kindly advised that accounts with negative balance for 30 days running will be automatically frozen by Freelance Worldwide's powering engine.
And frozen accounts' owners cannot place bid on projects. That's why Freelance Worldwide grants you a bonus of $3 when you sign up to open your freelance account. Do not forget, Freelance Worldwide is the best place to swap jobs and expertise and find fantastic jobs proposals to winning substantial money.



Commissions are paid to Freelance WorldWide and Fees to Payment Processor - Paypal. You can create for free an account with Paypal. Commissions and Fees below listed are charged per unique transaction.

  Actions Commissions to Freelance Worldwide Fees to Paypal as Payment Processor  
1 Account Sing Up Free Free
2 Project Bidding 2.5 % on winning bid amount Free
3* Money Deposit Free 2.9% + 0.40
4 Money Transfer Free Free
5 Withdraw Money Free US$ 5 (five)

Remark on line 3* about Fees on Money Deposit: Freelance Worldwide is charged about 2.9% +$ 0.40 (per transaction) for Paypal deposit. That charge is supported by Project-owner (see column 4 and column 5 - Line 3*) - as Freelance Worldwide is just handling transactions between Project-Owner and Freelancers.

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