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January 15 - April 14, 2020
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Editor: Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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    Dear visitor and international investor,
    We warmly welcome you, if this is your first visit to Africabiz Online - The ultimate newsletter on trading and investing in 49 sub-Saharan African countries. If you are a regular and faithful reader, welcome back.


    Year 2020 began with a bang in the Middle-East with the US' assassination (January 3) of General Soleimani, a prominent Iranian leader, head of the powerful Al Quds Brigade and the strategic mastermind of the Shia Resistance crescent, which influence spans Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

    The assassination of General Soleimani, is undoubtedly, one of such events that could trigger huge mayhem leading to global destabilization of the Middle-East, and the brutal collapse of world economy - due to the resulting skyrocketing oil price.

    The Trump administration, for sure, threw fire into the Middle-East tinderbox for reasons we, the commoners, may know about only when classified documents would be made available in the future - if ever!

    However, a sober observer of the United States' political scenery can speculate the move is "partially" linked to the internal political situation in the States - where a ferocious and vicious power struggle is ragging between Democrats and Republicans - on the road to November 2020's presidential election.

    Indeed, the audacious chess move to hitting General Soleimani put a damper on Donald J. Trump  ongoing House of Representatives' impeachment hoax and destabilize the opposition warmongers not only in Democrats' camp but also in the Republicans' elite rank.

    Another probable reason to take into consideration, is a personal revenge-play by Trump against Soleimani.

    Indeed, Soleimani, in July-2018, threatened Trump with the following words “Mr. Gambler, Trump! I’m telling you that we are close to you exactly where you wouldn't think that we are,” — a threat made all too real on January 6, 2020, when a disgraced ex-US Marine named Brandon Magnan, and an accomplice shockingly made it past two high-security checkpoints at a Florida airport, where Trump was preparing to board Air Force One, before they were captured.

    You would notice the missiles hit on Soleimani motorcade at Baghdad airport occurred on January 3, 2020 - quite exactly one year after Soleimani "bombastic" address to Trump comparing him to a GAMBLER.

    Indeed, as known to everyone now, President Trump never leaves an "offense" unanswered, as he declared, "if someone screws you, screw him back in spades to scare away any one who might think doing the same..."

    Trump Is Permanently On Alert And Focused On Winning A Second Term

    In addition to Soleimani address to Trump as above exposed for which Trump may have searched for a revenge, and also the desire to confuse Democrats and Republicans warmongers, two other reasons could explain the apparently reckless decision to eliminate General Soleimani.

    First, Trump is permanently on alert mode to avoiding the repeat of an event like Benghazi, that clouded/tarnished the Obama/Clinton era. So, he reacted immediately and strongly when throngs of Iraqis activists - controlled by Soleimani, tried to storm the US embassy in Baghdad and take hostages.

    He dispatches heavily armored helicopters and troops to protect the embassy.

    Second, he was not only acting to avoid the repeat of another Benghazi, but he also certainly has in mind the seizure of the US embassy in Tehran in 1979, and the lengthy (444 days) hostages crisis which thwarted Jimmy Carter bid for a second term.

    And to drive home his determination to avoid the repeat of such events, he doubled down playing the Theory of Chaos card to killing General Soleimani - a symbol of the Iranian regime.

    The response of the Iranian authorities to the assassination of their leader was also immediate. The day after the funeral of the General they launched a volley of 16 ballistic missiles on Ain El-Asad American military base in Iraq and another location/base at Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan.

    A direct confrontation they claimed the responsibility for; a show of determination and a bold move dedicated to the attention of their regional foes and America itself - that they are ready for confrontation if "necessary".

    The audacious strikes against Ain Al Asad airbase did in fact revealed the progress Iran had made in ballistic missile's technology. Iran hits the bases with stunning pinpoint precision demonstrating its capability to efficiently strike back against opponents/foes - in the Gulf region - if necessity arises.

    - Geostrategic & Geopolitics Consequences Of The Crisis

    For the first time a regional power (Iran) challenged a superpower (USA) - ready for a direct confrontation. No doubt America's allies took note.

    Second, as Trump did not strike back after the attacks on the American bases, it is now certain that Trump does not want to go to war - at least till he secured his second term bid. However, even if reelected in November 2020, he may not go to war as he is Making America Great Again, rebuilding the economy.

    Third, the strike to kill Soleimani had opened the Gate of Hell in the Middle-East, as Iran and proxies in Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq, from now on, would be doing anything they can to make life difficult for American troops in the region.

    No doubt, Iran and proxies in the Middle East would take advantage of the fact that 2020 is an election year in the United States and would do anything possible to make life difficult for Trump.

    And fourth, consequently, in the near future, America would be "obliged" to pull its troops from Iraq (and subsequently from the Middle-East at large) as requested by Iraqi parliament in a non-binding vote.

    Currently the rant from Washington, is We Are There To Stay, and if forced to leave would claim for compensation for investments made to develop Iraq military infrastructure. That position would prove untenable in the near future of 2 to 5 years, however, as Iran also would be acting to expel American troops from the region.

    For sure, Trump would be threading a tightrope in the Middle-East for the months leading to November 2020 presidential election.

    Would he succeeds avoiding the several political traps awaiting him? Till now, swimming with the sharks and using his personal News Agency (his tweets at from his Twitter account @realDonaldTrump) he managed to control the narrative of events, upset his adversaries and outplay local and international setups laid by never Trumpers to frame him.

    But from now on, he has to beware of the ancient and old Iranian Cult of Assassins who carefully infiltrate the households and families of their targets before making their move when it is least expected...

    Let's hope the good luck continue, because what he is doing boosting the economy in America (fact recognized by the Wall Street Journal,) creating million of jobs in the minorities communities and helping the farmers, is important not only to Make America Great Again, but is very important also for the whole world.

    Because his success in the economic field would open a new era of prosperity for the whole world, liberating hundred of developing countries from the scrofulous globalisation chains of slavery through the destruction of the Central Bank system of endless debts that impoverishes nations of the world.

    Click here to read about: Trump and Patriots Are Transitioning The Global Economy From The Central Bank Debts Based System To An Economy Benefiting The People.

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    Many thanks for dropping in and see you here on April 15, 2020

    Dr. B. M. Quenum

    Editor of AFRICABIZ

    contact dr. bienvenu-magloire quenum


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