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October 15, 2019 - January 14, 2020
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Editor: Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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Dear visitor and international investor,
We warmly welcome you, if this is your first visit to Africabiz Online - The ultimate newsletter on trading and investing in 49 sub-Saharan African countries. If you are a regular and faithful reader, welcome back.


Africabiz Online in a previous delivery discussed about the death of the unipolar world, existing since at least five centuries, which had been firmly replaced by a multipolar one. Since that delivery, three months ago, cascading portentous events occurred worldwide to confirm the assertion.

The list of these outstanding events is so long one cannot prioritize a single one as the most important for the future development of world affairs - economics and politics.

One could, however, pick three events that proved the world political, military and global economic power structure had drastically changed during this second semester of 2019.

- First of all, the devastating drones and missiles attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure

- Second, the declation made by President Donald J. Trump, on September 24, 2019 at the United Nation that the "Future Does Not Belong to Globalists".

- And third, The unilateral withdrawal of American troops from Syria - Trump's Administration decision, taken without concertation with other NATO member states; and the subsequent incursion/invasion of said territories by turkish troops.

Let's consider drones and missiles attacks on Saudi Oil Infrastructure that occurred on September 14, 2019.

The audacious strikes against the Abqaiq petroleum processing facilities and Khurais oil field – which the Saudis say was sponsored by Iran, (denied by Iranian authorities and officialy claimed by Yemen's Houthis freedom fighters) – has not only exposed the limits of the defenses system of the world’s largest military spender per capita; and the irrelevance of sophisticated costly air defense system opposed to "less costly" asymetric attack system such as drones and missiles.

And, most importantly, the attacks cemented the death of the Petrodollar pact - that is the use of US dollars to sell oil, against protection of the Kingdom by the United Stated; a system in place since 1973 that was one of the three pillars of the dominance of the United States in world affairs.

Indeed, till today, on the date of this writting (October 14, 2019), there is no reliable sign that America would retaliate and side with the Saudis. In the contrary, they are pulling back their troops from the Greater Middle East! 

And, as a consequence of the attacks, Saudis are now searching to mend fences with Iran - the Pakistanese prime minister acting as facilitator/negotiator.

As for the oustanding declaration made by president Trump, that "
The Future Does Not Belong to Globalists, but to Patriots" it would undoubtedly have a huge impact worldwide in the financial and economic arenas.

Indeed, as often denounced by Africabiz Online, Globalization is a plague that - through the implementation of Structural Adjustment Programs - hampered and destroyed the economic and social development of African and other emerging nations.

There is no doubt the declaration would see - in the very near future of two years the complete debasement of the debt based Central Bank system.

And finally,
Washington's abrupt decision to ditch the Kurds pulling back troops from Turkish-Syrian border contrasted sharply with Moscow's unwavering support for its ally Assad.

No doubt, the pullback of American troops would have dire consequences in the relation between Washington and allies, other NATO member states, the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates. Not to mention Israel!

The pullback reveals the glaring fact that NATO is the United States at 99%; and the opinion of other member states does no matter so much.

The sudden pullback also reveals "hidden" facts such as the illegal presence in Syria of French and UK special forces fighting with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) kurds now flying invading Turkish troops searching protection with Assad government.

These French and United Kingdom military personnel are now cornered and would have to negotiate either with Turkish authorities or Syrian ones to pull out from Syria.

The American pullback shows how these NATO member states have no political power and military might of their own to stop Turkish troops deployment against Syran terrorists they supported for years since 2011. No doubt, their political standing with the decisionmakers in the Arab world would greatly suffer!

In a nutshell, above discussed events illustrate the fact the United States of America lost the ultimate superpower status it gained after the fall of Berlin's wall. The multipolar world now firmly in place makes it impossible for America to dictate the tempo of world affairs as it did for several decades - since mid 1980's, ignoring advise and recrimination of others nations wordwide, dismantling Yougoslavia in the 1990's and invading Iraq in 2003.

Events listed and discussed aboved proved the waning of Western countries' power in managing world affairs and the unstoppable rising of Russia's diplomacy. Putin would be visiting Saudi Arabia soon. The first such visit in 10 years - in a position of force!

In the contrary, the Europeans could do nothing but wring their hands as aknowleged by top executive members of the European Commission: “The Turkish operation into northeast Syria can open a new dramatic chapter in the already very dark history of the Syrian war. The potential consequences of such military action are clear to everyone—at least are very clear to us. The repercussions can be extremely serious in humanitarian, military, political, and strategic terms,” High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini told the European Parliament.

Click following link to read about "The days of globalists' debts-based Central Banking System are numbered." 


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Many thanks for dropping by and see you here on January 15, 2020

Dr. B. M. Quenum


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- This is not the end of Business Opportunities in Africa

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