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October 15,  2018 - January 14, 2019
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Editor: Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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Dear visitor and international investor,
We warmly welcome you, if this is your first visit to Africabiz Online - The ultimate newsletter on trading and investing in 49 sub-Saharan African countries. If you are a regular and faithful reader, welcome back.


The analysis made at the beginning of year 2018 - exposed at this link, can be considered, together with the one here available and also here exposed as background to the current issue.

Indeed, mind boggling events continue to daily occur at world political and economic stage at a frantic pace that might lead to a global confrontation between the major powers, the U.S, The Federation of Russia and The People Republic of China.

Amongst the score of these astonishing world events, two stand out for the dire repercussions they might have on the future of planet Earth.

First the attack of Israeli jets on Latakia (Syria) - which led to the destruction of a Russian IL-20 military aircraft and the subsequent death of 15 Russian service men.

Second, the Europeans are mulling an alternative to the SWIFT money transfer system controlled by the U.S. - in order to circumvent sanctions imposed worldwide by the Americans, which are threatening their own political and economic interests.

Let's consider the possible implications of these events.

Firstly the Israelis attack on Latakia (Syria). Doubtless, a sober observer would recognize that was a reckless one! It is called chutzpah. Chutzpah is the quality of audacity, for good or for bad. The Yiddish word derives from the Hebrew word ḥutspâ, meaning "insolence", "cheek" or "audacity".

Indeed, the incident turned the Israeli-Russian ties to red hot tense,"forcing" Russia to provide batteries of S-300 anti-missiles systems to the Syrian Arab Army and install jamming system that would protect Syria against Israeli air strikes. This move by the Russians is considered worldwide as a major Israeli strategic loss.

Well, indeed that audacity from the Israelis led to a huge geopolitical change in the Syrian war, granting a strategic victory to Syria over Israel.

What would the Israelis do now? Would they air-raid the S-300 anti missiles batteries in Syria?

Everything is possible in this world that becomes crazy. But if the Israelis do air-raid the S-300 missiles sites in Syria, one thing is sure:  Russia, Syria and Iran would not stay put, which may lead to the U.S. coming to overtly protect Israel; leading to a global confrontation with Russia.

Secondly, Washington's aggressive policy of sanctions makes it highly necessary for the European Union/Brussels to find alternative solutions to protect European countries economic and political interests against the US' unpredictable actions.

A top German economist and professor Max Otte says:

"The US has put a lot of pressure on various issues and it has used the sanctions weapon and the economics weapon ever more aggressively even against the European companies, against Swiss companies, and this has put a lot of tensions on European companies, especially since the financial crisis...This is too much, we have to go our own way, and we have to strike a new balance, so that might be the turning point right now, but we will only see with hindsight.".

Furthermore, Switzerland declared to be ready to join an independent European controlled SWIFT system.

So, are we going to witness/see, in the very near future, the conjunction/liaison/unification/harmonization/merging of the already existing Russian and Chinese financial transfer systems with a fully owned independent European one? That would be another groundbreaking geostrategic event. If this does happen, the U.S. would become the most isolated nation of the world.

There are plenty of other events that are reckless move by warmongers. You certainly heard about the insane proposal by the U.S.'s interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, to naval-blockade Russia - in order to impede Russia to controlling energy sources in the Middle-East.

To blockade Russia? Can you imagine blockading a nation that had show-cased its military capabilities in Syria and is a major atomic bomb holder? The warmongers are simply delusional. The western countries warmongers have lost it completely.

The mid-term election in the U.S, scheduled for November 6, 2018 would (maybe) bring some clarification about the global trend, as the result can bring chaos or a continuous orderly process to make America Great Again.

However, it is the belief of this writer that one should not bank on global chaos in the United States to get rid of Trump Administration; for, owing to the size of the American economy, its sudden disintegration and collapse would create havoc worldwide. Read this paper titled, The Suicidal Empire, by Dimitry Orlov, for more on the matter. l

That said, however, whatever one may think of President Trump bombastic way of ruling and controversial political and economic decisions making - that is impacting on the very survival of many countries worldwide; his protectionist policies and the “tariff wars” are a welcome sword into the belly of globalization – a very good thing for emerging and developing nations to develop national economy without destructive foreign influence. Peter Koenig wrote a very interesting piece of opinion on the matter.

Indeed, Peter Koenig stated that Trump is giving the final death blow to the neoliberal doctrine - that has for the last thirty years brought misery to 99.99% of the planet’s population. Trump may or may not know what he is doing, but certainly his handlers and advisers, hidden or overt, know the purpose of their newly professed turn of international policy. Not so hidden in fact as the global strategy of the Trump Administration is exposed in the U.S.'s National Security Strategy. A must read document that would give you plenty of information on future moves by Trump.

Click following link to read about The Venezuelan Petro Is A Success To Be Copied By The Developing World.

Your feedback / objection / contribution is welcome. Visit WorldWide BizCenter, and choose General Information (as topic) to create a thread for discussion. On the top of the WorldWide BizCenter page, there is a HELP link to assist you making an efficient use of the discussion board. This link also is useful

Many thanks for dropping by and see you here on January 15, 2019

Dr. B. M. Quenum


contact dr. bienvenu-magloire quenum


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