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April 15 - July 14, 2018
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Editor: Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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By Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum

Technology is all around; in fact, it’s almost inescapable for anyone living in the modern world. Cell phones, microwaves, cars, jets, computers, stereos, and other electronic devices are just some of the many electronic gadgets which all emit some degree of Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF).

The health degeneration caused by constant bombardment of these frequencies has been shown to be quite damaging; therefore it is a necessity to gain awareness of what EMF’s are and how to protect oneself.

Scientific studies have listed the following as possible effect from EMF’s: mood disorders, cancer clusters in places with high voltage power lines, allergies, stress, and fatigue. [Source]

- Danger of WIFI Radiation

WIFI EMF emissions is evidenced by an instrument called Acoustimeter,  the most versatile microwave detector. It presents waves/frequencies measurements as a audio signal, with LEDs and accurate readings on an LCD screen. It also measures both the peak and average readings at the same time. It covers the spectrum from TETRA all the way up to and beyond the 5.6 GHz WIFI and WiMax frequencies, and is sensitive down to 0.02 V/m, making it a suitable instrument for those with severe electrosensitivity.

The video stream below shows the Acoustimeter operating in a WIFI environment.

- So, What to Do to Have Perfect Protection Against EMF/ WIFI Radiation?

Amanda Froelick suggested 10 solutions to be protected against EMF, and particularly she advises to 1- Ground on Earth; 2- Wear an EMF Blocking Pendant; 3- Protect Your Home; 4- Unplug Appliances; 5- Safeguard your Bedroom; 6- Avoid Installing WIFI in your Home; 7- Avoid using Your Computer on your Lap; 8- Ban BlueTooth Headsets. Click here for more about Amanda Froelick suggestions.

The YouTube Channel above also suggests to disconnect the WIFI system to stop EMF emissions; and shows how to do it properly directly from the Internet Provider's source.

But, frankly, is it convenient nowadays to avoid installing WIFI at home or disconnect it to protect oneself against EMF? Or to avoid using BlueTooth technology? Your cell or smartphone constantly use WIFI to download upgrades, to lower the bill. The WIFi system is also convenient when using "free" telecommunications applications such as Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, to avoid using calling-credit from your SIM.

In addition, as you may know the WIFI System is not the only EMF source. What about TV and computer screens; the keyboard; mouse;  the open electricity plugging sockets that also leak some sort of EMF; the batteries inside the several TV, DVD player and computer's pointing devices; cell phones and smartphones's batteries? They all emit damaging EMF. You can check this with the Acousticmeter or a pendulum.

And what about furniture, which depending on their shape and positioning in the house can also emit deadly EMF. Not to forget painted canvas, pieces of art (African masks for instance); the several electric household appliances; the water piping system in the house, and the lighting. Not to forget pollution resulting from psychic attacks, which are bombardments with nocent ultra short wave frequencies. Etc.

So you see, electronic pollution is everywhere. Therefore to be effective, the solution to protect oneself against Electromagnetic Field Frequencies cannot be selective, taking only in consideration electronic pollution such as WIFI EMF emissions. The protection has to be global to be efficient.

- Use a Global Device to Completely Shield your Environment Against Pollution of All kinds

There are multitude of devices available out there to do such performance, but only one that really does it properly, harmonizing existing frequencies in a living and working environment, controlling harming and bad ones, and transforming them into good non-harming ones; suppressing electronic pollution; shielding your environment against frequencies detrimental to your cells and immune system.

This amazing device is the LEMURIAN PLUG, available here to purchase. If you have ever made a life saving purchase, it would be acquiring the LEMURIAN PLUG!

So, this writer advises to purchase three pieces of Lemurian Plug. One to plug into a free socket of your home electric grid (one is enough for the house and suffice to propagate/impregnate the electric circuit down to the electricity meter to diffuse harmonious frequencies all over the house); one to keep in your pocket or bag, and one for the car.

Do thoroughly read instructions and testimonials available on the Lemurian Plug's site.

- Before You Perform the Plugging In, Do the Following

If you can afford buying the Acousticmeter, use it to check around your house: the WIFi system, appliances, furniture's shaping angles, open electric sockets, computer and TV screens (when these are shut down ; and also when  they are powered on).

And once you plug in the Lemurian Plug inside a free electric socket, do the same checking as above, to notice the influence of the PLUG is having on the volume of EMF emissions.

You have also the possibility to use a Pendulum (less expensive to purchase that the Acousticmeter) for the checking as above outlined. It would turn clockwise if the EMF emissions are harmonious and benefic to the immune system; and counter-clockwise if they are harmful. Simple and amazing investigative instrument.

- Practice Feeling Good on Your Own. Constantly Increase the Volume of Oxygen in Your Body

The sooner one setup a proper protection against EMF emissions, the better, because as you may know 5G broadcast is around the corner!

Currently, WIFI 2G, 3G and 4G broadcast on 2.4 GHz, the frequency at which water molecules in our body begin to spin more than normal due to the electromagnetic bombardment.

The new coming 5G WIFI is called WiGig and will broadcast at 60GHz, which is in the oxygen molecule absorption spectrum; this will affect the orbital properties of the electrons in the oxygen molecules, creating deadly disturbances in the body.

Indeed, at 60GHz 5G WIFI would affect the blood stream ability to transport oxygen around the body; thus the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D in the sunlight. Low oxygen levels in the body would result in various debilitating and bizarre ailments. 5G is, doubtless a silent killer.[Source]

Some pundits are advising to not let 5G into your house (as discussed above this is easier said than done, because you cannot control your neighbors decisions to do otherwise; you cannot also stop/impede the installation of the broadcasting towers.)

There are expensive solutions to control 5G broadcasts: block it with trees; use mylar film to do the blocking (but there are strict protocols to follow and caveats); use special paints; install metal screens. Etc. [Source]

A low cost solution to protect oneself against harmful electromagnetic frequencies emissions of all kinds, is the use of Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding, which bring us back to using the Lemurian Plug.

In addition to using the LEMURIAN PLUG as a global device to shield your environment against deadly EMF emissions, you can daily practice DANGEON BREATHING, to increase the volume of oxygen in your blood stream, to feeling good and better on your own, without using any fancy oxygenating or ozone diffusion equipment. Just breathe DANGEON way.

You can also make use of an efficient diet supplement. Use a natural one; TAMARIND, a amazing natural diet supplement. Search for liquid concentrate brand from Asian countries.

The trilogy: LEMURIAN PLUG + DANGEON BREATHING + TAMARIND is the sure recipe to control/avoid pollution from all kinds of deadly electronic and psychic emissions,

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