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October 15, 2016 - January 14, 2017
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Editor: Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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Dear visitor and international investor,

We warmly welcome you, if this is your first visit to Africabiz Online - The ultimate newsletter on trading and investing in 49 sub-Saharan African countries. If you are a regular and faithful reader, welcome back.


In the previous delivery, it had been exposed why the setup of a new reserve currency to challenge the US$ is imminent. Three months later that statement become a fact; buried under a huge amount of news and propaganda salvo, in a delusional attempt to hide and deny its huge importance for world affairs. One has to dig out and analyze hundred of news deliveries to see the truth.

However, a fact is tangible and no amount of the most twisted propaganda deception cannot remove or burry it for ever. And the subsequent consequences of a fact might operate like a tornado. China's Renminbi is now a reserve currency. On October 1, 2016 it had been added to the basket of leading currencies in the International Monetary Fund portfolio.

So, during the past three months, since the date (July 15, 2016) of our previous delivery so much had happened - on a daily basis, in the politics and economic/monetary arenas that make your head swirl. Not a single day without an outstanding event!

Among these mind bogging events let us cite:

1) The (failed) Turkish coup that is in its own an astonishing game changer. Since the coup, on July 15, 2016, the geostrategic stage of the world had been turned upside down!

Turkey Nato's membership is currently in jeopardy as Turkey is now a fence sitter - turning its head more and more towards the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. A reverse of alliance that would have dire consequences for Nato and the West in general - in the near future of one year. The most visible one being the reshuffle of cards on the Syrian battlefield.

2) As already stated, China's Renminbi (RMB) had been added to the basket of leading currencies of the International Monetary Fund.

It therefore becomes a de facto a world reserve currency. The forthcoming results of this fact would be huge and boost the alternative developing structures setup by China's (The Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank, the Brics Development Banks and the BRICS system as a whole.

In addition, the Silk Road future is assured, particularly with changes occurring on the Syrian battlefield where the invaders are loosing at Aleppo and would be soon completely kicked out.

3) The Establishment, on October 6, 2016, of a NO-FLY ZONE by Russia over the whole Syrian territory. Which means that no airplane belonging to the so called International Coalition led by the US cannot anymore freely bomb and destroy infrastructure on Syrian territory.

This is huge. Russia throw the gauntlet against the United States. They assure any infringement, tentative or else would be met with immediate retaliation. Some grumbling had been uttered in Washington D.C. But would these translate into some kind of violation of the No Fly Zone? Let wait and see. The whole world is watching.

Further, the deployment of thousand of Russian troops on Syrian territory, together with the presence of Iraq, Hirlz'Ballah and Iranian fighters, supporting the legitimate authorities of Syria, means that there would be no guerilla alternative by the invaders now that their initial onslaught to kill the secular Syrian state is being squashed at Aleppo.

The Syrian territory would be systematically mopped up to eradicate any guerrilla attempt. The invaders dream to topple a secular regime and replace it by a chaos-state is doomed.

These above exposed three events are enough to observe that the old system of power structure, which ruled the world for at least the past five centuries - under western nation's supervision, and which is dominated by the United of America since the 1943's, is crumbling - to say the least.

Let us move a step further - drawing from the expertise of Dr. Jim Willie, the one who pronounced King Dollar dead one year ago, to showing that the unipolar power structure is not simply crumbling but is dead for sure.

Spare some time to listen to the following video stream - published on Sep 30, 2016, to be informed about the myriad of events that are occurring on a daily basis on world stage leading to a multi polar power structure.

In case you cannot play the stream, bellow listed are the salient points developed by Dr. Jim Willie:

- NATO is fracturing - at 1:34
- Russia and China are totally capturing Greece and Turkey - at 6:07
- EU commission becomes ignored and are becoming irrelevant - at 8:51
- Renminbi (RMB)short term note will be launched with a gold backing that kills the US treasury bill - at 13:17
- IMF to back the SDR with gold (done on October 1, 2016)
- 21:54 - Saudi oil sales and the death of the petrodollar - 30:03

Past forecasts that played out or are becoming true:

- Saudis to accept RMB currency from China (not quite yet, but OPEC nations in Nigeria & Algeria already) at 40:53
- The US government confiscation of pension funds (in steps) (seen with US government worker pensions, lately with money market funds)
- at 40:53 - USTreasury Bond 10-yr yield decline to 1.5%, and later to 1.0% (first part done, second part in progress) - at 53:38

So, above discussion and Dr. Jim Willie forecast and intel show the world is changing from an unipolar power structure to a multi polar one, with daily events on the political and economic arenas providing alternatives for emerging nations to escape the juggernaut of the unipolar system.

Click the following link to review a more detailed account about the death of the unipolar world power system.

Your feedback / objection / contribution is welcome. Visit WorldWide BizCenter, and choose General Information (as topic) to create a thread for discussion. On the top of the WorldWide BizCenter page, there is a HELP link to assist you making an efficient use of the discussion board. This link also is useful

Many thanks for dropping by and see you here on January 15, 2017

Dr. B.M. Quenum


contact dr. bienvenu-magloire quenum


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