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ISSUE 161 - VOL 2
October 15, 2020 - January 14, 2021

Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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    Welcome to the quarterly issue of Africabiz Online /free access Synopsis RSS Feed edition. Previous issue available at this link

    See Important update to this devery here. The introduction to this issue is available at this link


    By Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum

    At the time of this writing (October 14, 2020) US's presidential election, is 20 days away. A presidential election that is not just a context between Trump and Biden; between the Republicans and the Democrats.

    It is a titanic war that pits those who governed the world since millennia (The Globalists) - for the sole benefit of a tiny (1%) proportion of world population against those who want to change the way our planet had been managed till nowadays - to service the whole population, and make everyone on this planet benefits form its resources.. It has a spiritual aspect and a materialistic one also - as everything else (happening) on planet Earth.

    There is no doubt the outcome of this election will redefine the way planet Earth is governed, from November 4, 2020 forward -  politically, economically and in social trends, what we eat, how we cure diseases (no more snake oil expensive medicines to hide symptoms, but true cures for debilitating diseases, cancer and Alzeimeir as examples,) - and a better distribution of world wealth. Etc.

    The policy to be implemented by the winners, the Patriots (led by president Trump) or the Globalists under the banner of Joe Biden, is now well known.

    Indeed, Trump victory will see the accentuation and reinforcement of his "America First policy". That is principally the amplification of a financial policy independent from the governance of the Federal Reserve and the predatory Central Banking System. In other words, the reelection of Donald J. Trump for a second term, will see the final clash between Globalists and Patriots - all over the world.

    And if Joe Biden followers are the winners, we shall see the return and amplification of the situation existing under previous administrations - Republican or Democrat. That is a strong drive to fully implement the policy encapsulates in the strategic report titled Project For American Century. That is the search for total dominance in world affairs by the Globalists, colored regime changes around the world, austerity enforcement in countries which receive World Bank, and International Monetary Fund loans - and the final triumph without limit of the existing predatory financial system.

    Either way, whatever maybe the winners - the Patriots led by Donald J. Trump or the Globalists under Biden banner, world global affairs in economy, finance and military, from November 4, 2020 forward, would  go through tremendous changes in all aspects of life on planet Earth. 

    - The Time of Choice Had Arrived For the European Union: The Decoupling From the Existing Predatory Central Banking System or Inevitable Economic Decline

    Since the beginning of Covid-19 Plandemic saga, two different recovery policies are implemented in the two aisles of the Atlantic.

    In the United States of America, Trump's Administration took control of the Federal Reserve, merging it into the Treasury and use FED money printing press, under the direct management of President Donald J. Trump to distribute cash to households and businesses around the country, to alleviating the negative social impact of Covid-19 plandemic. This had been extensively exposed in Africabiz Online's issue here available.

    Following the same policy of establishing a People Economy against the debt based economy of the existing Central Banking/FED controlled economy, the Trump's Administration, on October 2, 2020 unveiled a gigantic stimulus funding institution to boost the economic development of the Black Community called PLATINUM PLAN, to which $500 billions had been allocated. The aim is to create 3 millions jobs in the black community and assist for the development of 500,000 black owned businesses.

    In the same times, Trump's Administration is pushing hard for the opening of closed bars, beauty shops, all kinds of businesses, and schools - that remained closed mainly in states such as New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, California and Oregon.

    The result of such a strategy saw the unemployment rate dropping sharply from around 22% (beginning of the national lockdown) to 7.9% at the end of September 2020 - at the great bewilderment of pundits who predicted a severe recession and at least 50% drop in the Gross National Product (GNP.) See here for more.

    Concerning Europe, on May 27, 2020, European Union  authorities decided to put in place a relief/recovery scheme amounting to EURO750 billions//$830 billions. Please take note that this recovery is to service 27 member states of the Union - a population of around 500 millions people. Put that into perspective and compare it to $500 billions of the US Platinum Plan to service a Black Community of 36 millions people.

    Further, stimulus packages setup to aid business development in the US by the Trump's Administration, (see here,) use FED money printing press (at near zero interest rate) to finance the recovery. The financial markets had not been sollicited. They print and use without increasing the national debt!

    In the contrary, the European Union stimulus plan would require borrowing from the financial markets. From which ones? Obviously, what is behind the denomination "financial markets" is simply said the European Central Bank (ECB) and maybe the IMF and the World Bank. They cannot expect anything from the Federal Reserve Bank, which is now under the supervision of Donald J. Trump!

    And please note that since the announcement of the relief scheme in May 2020, nothing concrete really happened. No money at the horizon. The financial markets had not yet released a white smoke!

    Furthermore, in the States, Trump is campaigning for the reopening of businesses; the contrary is happening in Europe where businesses, bars, gym saloons, restaurants, sport stadia and all kinds of businesses are submitted to weird, contradictory  (shall we just say stupid) regulations that are hindrances for business development.

    What is the true real agenda pursued by the European authorities? One wonders...Are they trying to crash the economy and declare Covid-19 plandemic the responsible cause? Or are they experiencing social engineering, fear mongering to see to which extent they can lead European citizens to obey, to comply to orders and dicta?

    Obviously, regarding the weird, contradictory and bizarre decisions taken - lockdown, curfews in cities, suppressions of fairs, limitation on gatherings of people enacted to Control a so called second wave spread of Covid-19, one can see clearly that the European Union's authorities are buying for time, waiting for the outcome of US's November 3, 2020's presidential election.

    They are hoping Biden would win; and therefore Trump's  foreign policy, military engagement and financial "independence" from the existing predatory Central Banking system would be overturned -  to bringing back the whole situation to the status quo ante of previous Administrations.

    To keep the population in fear and obey, EU's officials are speaking of two, three and even 5 years before recovery to manifest in Europe. In the contrary Trump's policy here exposed, is showing immediate results and improvement of the economy - as jobs are created by the millions,  as shown in the figure below outlined. And the best is yet to come when the Infrastructure Bill would be introduced during the first quarter of 2021 - If Trump wins.

    Africabiz Online strongly believes the European Union's authorities are delusional expecting Biden victory because that will not happen as Donald J. Trump demonstrated his capacity to create millions of jobs - at low or high sea.

    Indeed, as shown on the above figure, the unemployment rate was around 4.6% for months before the outbreak of Covid-19 in March 2020. And when it reached an abrupt 22% in March 2020, Trump's team managed, through a series of decisions and executive orders (deregulations, incentives, tax cuts, stimulus checks for household and millions of businesses - See here) to reverse the situation to the better, in a very short term of 6 months, proving the pundits wrong - who were stating that the country was in recession and would not recover before at least 10 years.

    Therefore based on his economic performance, there is no risk stating here that  Donald J. Trump will be reelected for a second term. And one can also state in advance that, during his second term, 2020-2024, he will create millions of jobs, showing the whole world that the time to choose between the existing predatory debt based Central Banking system (that impoverish the masses) and a new economic structure servicing the people has (finally) arrived.

    Yes, the election will be decided by the state of the economy in the US - which is good whatever maybe the opinion expressed by pundits who are still thinking inside the FED box, when Trump is now playing outside the FED box.

    Anyway, 56% of the population declared to be better off now than during the previous Administration. Not convinced yet that Donald J. Trump will win the ballot? Ok have a look at Trump's staggering accomplishments since elected. See here also

    Make no mistake, the very good state of the economy at the eve of the ballot will encourage millions of Trumpers [1, 2, 3, 4,] to vote Republican. The simple question remaining is: Are we going to see a red packed Congress, and the consolidation of the Republican Senate majority, together with a landslide victory for Trump himself? Africabiz Online thinks so - based on the analysis of hundred of video streams and articles.

    At the end of October 2020, few days before November 3 presidential ballot, the unemployment rate will drop further below 7.9% (level of end September as shown on picture above outlined,) for people all around the world (who are plagued with recession and high level of unemployment due to austerity measures imposed by the World Band and the IMF,) to see.

    And towards the end of 2021's first semester, US economy will skyrocket, due to the introduction and implementation of the Infrastructure Bill

    What would Europe do then? Stick with the predatory financial system, experiencing high rate of unemployment, social troubles at the horizon - and a sinking economy?

    Or adopt Trump's economics - as the whole developing world would do; severing links with the predatory debts based financial system of ECB, World Bank and IMF, to experience a general prosperity for the population?

    Only 23 days to wait and see if 2020 US's presidential election would be a generational event that will change the world as we know it in this October 2020, for the better - and put it on the path of an extraordinary economic development. 

    UPDATE TO THIS DELIVERY: This issue had been published on October 14, 2020. On October 16, 2020 the bombshell scandal about  the democratic party's candidate broke out, giving the election campaign a huge twist in favor of the Republicans. It is now game over and confirms Africabiz Online prediction. Trump will win by a landslide and certainly reconquer the House and keep the Senate majority. 

    Trump sets a trap for opponentsSECOND UPDATE TO THIS DELIVERY: On November 7, 2020, Corporate Media declared Joe Bidden winner of the presidential election. And Trump opponents are rejoicing worldwide. Their joy is premature as they are falling straight into the trap setup by Trump. The real battle for victory starts now. Click here for more.

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