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ISSUE 127 - VOL 2
July 15 - October 14, 2012

Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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Africans Need to Wake Up to the True Political and Economic Game Evolving Behind the Screen

By Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum

As stated in the introduction to this article, there are doubters amongst African decision-makers that Nato's members-states have a strategic plan to take back the full control of Africa developing process, to firmly hook the Black continent to Europe and America, in order to maintain it as a political and economical subservient client to Western countries. As here exposed

These doubters's stance is really strange, as it is a well known fact, since ages, that African countries are not truly independent entities.

Several researchers had written about the reasons it is so. One stands out: Walter Rodney, who, in 1972, delivered a masterpiece, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. Africabiz's review of the must have book is here exposed, and you can purchase it at

Walter Rodney’s book is packed with hundred of documented and numbered examples that expose the multifaceted aspects of the deceiving scheme put in place to transferring to Europe economic surplus generated by Africa’s labour and resources.

These shameful financial transfers are still continuing today - unabated, which deprives the continent from "rare" financing resources - necessary for vital investment to improving living standards. Nothing had changed. African countries independence is just nominal. They remain subservient client to Europe and America.

For that reason, as stated already in the book-review by Africabiz Online, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa is a must read book for African decision and policy-makers. It is a breviary that would assist African delegates attending international economic forums, or negotiating deals with Northern counterparts. It would make them aware of past (political and economic) traps and sharp practices applied to their forefathers and foremothers.

They would further understand and apprehend present time challenge faced by African countries with regard the deceptive superstructure [Watch videos about globalization: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] on the making, that is unbridled Globalization - in order to defend the Black people’s rights and interests for the best; as the race is “under perpetual siege and fighting an almost invisible war for survival…” – quoting Chancellor James Williams

- There is more to learn and understand beyond corporate media broadcast

Above discussion is to remind doubters about African countries's real political and economical situation at world stage. Doubters may think they are living in fully sovereign countries. That is not true. They are just disillusioned people. The reality is that on the international stage, Africa is a subservient client to Europe and America.

Reading most of western newspapers and viewing, listening to corporate media broadcast, BBC, Fox News, CNN, Voice of America, France 24 and the likes, one is only exposed to western countries point of view and propaganda.

That was blatantly obvious during Nato's onslaught [a, b, c, d, e, f] on Libya during which western propaganda portrayed Gaddafi regime a dictatorship to get rid of - when truly the Jamahiriya Regime established by Gaddafi was the sole and unique direct democracy in the world

You view one of the corporate media TV network or read one of the newspapers, you do not need to view or read another one. They all report the same story day after day during Nato's onslaught on an African sovereign country. It was obvious a hidden hand was coordinating the broadcast messages to promoting western style parliamentary democracy in Libya at gun point

Therefore, it is a good practice to confront these propaganda broadcast to the opinion expressed by alternative media to get a more balanced approach - and have a good comprehension about what is really going on behind the invisible veil.

And, thanks God, there are hundred of alternative talk shows, news reports and radio broadcast on the Internet. To name the few, Alex Jones's Prison Planet, Dr. Webster Griffith Tarpley's World Crisis Radio, Gerald Celente's Trends Journal, Benjamin Fulford's reports on world financial crisis, and David Icke Books which describe the ultimate hidden hand manipulating world affairs (just read one of David Icke's book, any one, to see the amount of suppressed information revealed!) Not to forget several hundred broadcast available on YouTube.

- A YouTube broadcast show case that reveals a lot about the hidden hand manipulating world affairs

Let us view and comment about the following YouTube broadcast to see how deep the rabbit hole goes concerning the control of world affairs by a hidden hand.

Take the red pill as Neo (Keanu Reaves) did from the hands of Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) - and start understanding you are a slave in a prison you do not see or smell. [Screen the first 3 minutes of the video.]

To quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Let us go for a tour within the depth of the real world behind the veil of normality you believe you live in!

It is a lengthy video. Two hours and twenty nine minutes duration. But it is packed with suppressed information revealed, deep analysis of world affairs, and revelation of solid state facts, which are not speculation.

Therefore, speaking of Conspiracy Theory is utterly inappropriate. Conspiracy, that is what it is, when one takes notice of the hidden agenda put in place by elites in western countries, Europe and America, to conquer, dominate and enslave the masses. A conspiracy revealed and documented in the video.

Be informed. Go behind the veil and explore the rabbit hole of the carefully hidden (before the Internet era; but no more) conspiracy. Spare some time to fully view the video stream. You would be taken aback how far in the past - over millennia, the plot goes.

In case you do not have time, below are outlined the main subjects and revelations exposed in the video, with comments from this writer in relation with current world affairs - divided in three sections.

1- Section 1:

AT 10 MN PERIOD. The Central Banks. Understand the role played by central banks and particularly the Federal Reserve in America. Know and comprehend about economic crisis occurrence. Understand how for a certain period of time, up to five years or ten, loans are easily obtained from the banks, and suddenly recalled back, in order to engineer economic crisis. Borrowers, humble people and entrepreneurs are abruptly ruined, their properties and business being grabbed, confiscated by the banks.

Yes, economic crisis are on purpose engineered by the banks - under the aegis of the hidden hand! They are not events that cyclically occur as taught at economics schools. Yes, economic crisis do cyclically happen, but they are not "natural" phenomena. They are cyclically engineered by the devious hidden hand, to harvest properties and assets from humble people, and business-people who are not in the intimacy of the hidden hand's game of power grabbing! For more on the matter, just read a book, any one, written by David Icke!

AT 19-20 MN PERIOD. The elites, after the graft of the money of the masses, are searching for the total domination of world politics. That is their ultimate target.

AT 20-22 MN PERIOD. To achieve above aim, the elites endeavor to control the information flow, in any line of business. Therefore they blackout events that is not in favor of the ultimate objective to establishing a New World Order to dominating the masses worldwide; but heavily pound, viral broadcast any event that assist to fulfilling the objective.

Syrte in Libya destroyed by NatoFor instance, till today, July 2012, eight months after the change of regime, no corporate media, BBC, CNN, Voice of America, France 24 and the likes had aired the number of deaths in Libya - following Nato's eight month-length systematic bombing.

Alternative media estimate the number of deaths in the range of several thousands - around 100,000 people!

No coverage had been made about the destruction of buildings, schools, universities, hospitals, private homes, and water system! At the left is an image of a neighbourhoud of the city of Sirte - Gaddafi hometown, bombed to rubbles by Nato.

However, in the contrary, the corporate media networks daily air the number of people killed in Syria, supposedly being the victims of Assad's regime. 15 people killed today, 200 yesterday, and son on; but the reality is not what we are told by the corporate media. Click on previous link to see who is really responsible for the violence in Syria!

Take the Houla's massacre for instance, the BBC aired a photo showing hundred of corpses wrapped in white blanket as being the victims of Assad's regime. Hopefully, alternative media demonstrated that the photo was taken in 2003 in Iraq - illegally occupied by American forces. And most importantly, it had emerged that the massacre had been perpetuated by the opposition/rebels.

You would notice, that "massacres" in Syria are aired and go viral on the corporate media networks each time Russia and or China block biased resolutions presented by western countries to the United Nations Security Council - to finger point the Assad's regime.

AT 28-32 MN PERIOD. Here is explained how few manage to control the many.

AT 32-39 MN PERIOD. Understand the true meaning of Globalization.

AT 41-57 MN PERIOD. Learn about the elites's secret society: The Illuminati. Who are they? Why do they worship the owl?

2- Section 2:

AT 57 MN to 1:16 PERIOD. Plenty of facts are revealed about suppressed information that prove 9/11 was a false flag operation. And the explanation about why 9/11 had been staged is given. It is a pretext to wage war on every citizen of the world to suppressing liberty. It is not a war on terror!

AT 1:28 PERIOD. Here is explained why Al-QAIDA is a bogus organization that serves the objective of the Illuminati. There is no AL-QAIDA organization as such.

AT 1:29 to 1:32 PERIOD. Problem-Reation-Solution. The technics of mind control put in place by the elites is explained. It is based on creating a problem. Waiting for the reaction of the masses requesting a solution. And proposing solution(s) - in line with the ultimate objective of controlling the masses, in accordance with the move towards the New World Order.

For instance, the invasion of Libya and the destruction of Gaddafi regime [a, b, c, d, e, f] scattered thousand of terrorists/warriors into the Sahelian region, towards Mali, Mauritania, Algeria, Sudan, Nigeria, and Niger. Etc. That was the problem created by Nato's members-states.

Consequently, the Boko-Haram terror group is now creating havoc in Nigeria. And the Northern part of Mali had been conquered by radical Islamists who are destroying World Heritage Shrines.

Therefore, African countries's leaders are running all over the places searching for solution to stopping chaos spreading. They are requesting logistics and assistance from the European Union and America. That's the reaction Nato's members-states were waiting for.

And now for sure they have solutions under their sleeves, military assistance, financial aids, that would not only increase African countries debt load, but also open the door for Trojan horse's intrusion into the political and economic decision making process in most African countries.

3- Section 3:

AT 1:44 PERIOD. How have we arrived at this state of affairs, letting a very tiny portion of the world population (estimate is in the range of 3,000 to 5,000) take control of seven billion people?

AT 2:18 - 2:22 PERIOD. How far things would get bad before we, the enslaved, do something?

- Yes that is the real world we are living in

As Morpheus stated to Leo, at the beginning of the video (see the first 3 minutes), we are slaves living in a prison, which walls are invisible to us. We falsely believe that we are free! Particularly we Africans who believe that we live in free sovereign states.

Indeed, the plot, the conspiracy is so well scripted that the majority of us cannot believe that such a plot exists.

So, it is not a surprise that most African decision-makers do not believe that Nato's members-states have destroyed Libya to take back the full control of Africa.

There is no need to bury one's head in the sand now that evidence had been put in front of us. We are not free. We are slaves to a few several thousands elites people - who are adamant, at any cost, to take the full control of world affairs.

- Now that we know, what next?

Watching the video, it may seem that the odds are stacked against us, the enslaved. That is an illusion. We may have been in the dark (so to speak) for ages, but now everything is revealed that was concealed. And every day bring its lot of revelation.

When you are aware of the plan laid down by an adversary, you can also devise your own to escape and beat him. When you are aware of a trick setup against you, a solution is not far away.

Watch the final part of the video, from 2:22 to 2:29 PERIOD, and see how a herd of buffalos took control and confront the predators.

Furthermore, the elites are no more as powerful as they used to be. Of course, they can still stage predatory move like the one on Libya. But that is nothing compared to what they were able to do - let say a decade ago. And funnily enough, their "success" in Libya, is what is now a hindrance to repeat the same in Syria.

Indeed, things are dramatically changing day by day - for the better for the masses. Particularly, the financial power is slipping from the elites's hands into the custody of rising emerging powers - the elites cannot control.

Visit Benjamin Fulford website every week to have an idea about the shadow battle that is going on to removing world finance's control from the elites's hands. Indeed, under the apparent current status quo, nations of the world are feverishly organizing themselves to put an end to the existing predatory financial system [a, b, c, d, e, f, g] put in place by the elites.

And as far as world politics decision making process goes, the United Nations' Security council is no more a rubber stamp office that blindly accommodates western nations's desiderata and whims - as was the case during the invasion of Iraq at the beginning of the century. Indeed, since October 4, 2011, Russia and China had locked the Security Council's door, when they vetoed a resolution on Syria sponsored by the United States of America, France and UK.

Above discussion shows the elites are not having it easy anymore. They are daily challenged and are now embark on a war mongering move to create chaos somewhere in the middle-East, to stage a new world war in order to take back full control of the financing system. Chaos out of ordo. New order out of chaos. That is their motto. But this time around it seems that they cannot put it in practice, because other nations of the world are on alert, remembering what happened in Libya.

It is utterly important that African decision-makers wake up. They cannot pretend not to know what is at stake. Nato's members-states are maneuvering to take back the full control of Africa, in order to be in the position to compete against China. That is the main reason they destroyed Gaddafi's regime - as here exposed.

It is up to us, Africans, not to fall into the trap, to organize ourselves, to act like the buffalos taking control against the predators as shown on the video - 2:22 -2:39 PERIOD.

Update on 15 January 2016: The Presidential Ballot in Benin/Dahomey: What Is At Stake?

About the author: Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum is the principal/ managing director of Dr. Quenum & Associates, IBC; an experienced Investment & Business Planner with 30 years consulting practice in African countries; author of Africans, Stop Being Poor! and the editor in chief of Africabiz Online

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