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March 15 - April 14, 200
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The Benefits Of Logistics Management

By Trevor Marshall

It is important to know the processes that a company is involved in and master them for a more efficient production output. Logistics management, on the other hand, is a critical component to achieve business goals. This is defined as the organized movement of materials, and sometimes, people. The term logistics was originally associated with the military. Eventually, the term has gradually spread to cover business activities and processes. In terms of transportation, for example, this is a vital cost-containment key that one should consider. If a company is working with carriers and couriers, the products should be transported in a timely, safe and efficient manner, thereby managing company costs. There are certain companies and establishments who offer logistics management services. If you want your company to run in a timely and efficient manner, you have to choose a company who provides logistics management services and make sure that they can meet your business' transportation needs. You must coordinate and tie together your firm's logistics system. It is good to consider the five elements or functions of logistics and how important they are to your company.

Business logistics is a series of separate activities or functions which all fall under a business firm's logistics umbrella.

- customer service
- demand forecasting
- documentation flow
- inter-plant movements
- inventory management
- order processing
- packaging
- parts and service support
- plant and warehouse site selection
- production scheduling purchasing returned products
1. Supply

Consider the supply of materials that you have as this would help meet your self-imposed quota for the company to profit.

2. Transportation

This is where logistics management applies. A company should have the transportation services needed to move the products and deliver them in a timely and efficient manner to the customers.

3. Facilities

Different companies employ different services according to their needs. Each of them has a different facility which helps produce the products and services which they eventually offer to customers. These facilities should be tailor-made and fit the client's and customer's specifications.

4. Services

From customer service, to delivering an order on time, to resolving order-related problems, a company should employ a logistics management service provider which will provide all of these services.

5. Management and Administration

This is an aspect of logistics management which is common to all organizations. A well-balanced and knowledgeable staff and leaders make for a better, service-oriented company. In relation to this, here are the important factors that you should consider when employing a logistics management service provider that will best benefit your company:

6. Inbound Transportation

- You should choose a logistics management service provider who will give out quotes for the inbound transportation costs of components
- This might include the delivery of individual components to your production line
- For a better price comparison, you may also ask if they can deal with clients who buy some or all of their components from a particular supplier
- You can look for cost and time frame quotations that you can use to consider the service provider that is most cost-effective

7. Outbound Transportation

Outbound transportation refers to the carriers who meet the customer's needs. Different clients need various freight and carrier services, and a logistics management service provider should be able to provide these individual needs. The deal can either be on an over-all operational basis, or on a per-shipment basis. This provides a comprehensive solution for a company's primary need for logistics. Choose a logistics management service provider who will provide rate comparisons from different couriers to meet and handle the customer's goals. The main point here is that you need to have somebody to handle and ship out your main products in a safe and timely manner.

8. Troubleshooting Capabilities

A logistics management service provider should know how to handle unusual and day-to-day complications and problems. If a customer has a specific shipping need, would they be able to deliver and solve the problem? Should a serious delivery or shipping problem arise, they should be able to troubleshoot and come up with the perfect solution and at the same time soothe a customer's ruffled feathers.

9. Keeping Customers Informed

The customers have the right to know the details about a particular order shipment. They should be informed of when the products were shipped, how it was shipped and who shipped it. Some logistics management service provider give out their contact numbers directly to their client's customers. This would avoid a pointing of fingers should problems arise. Also, there is online tracking information available for most couriers and carriers. All in all, you have to choose a logistics management service provider that would fit your company's needs to a tee so that both of you will reap the benefits in the end.

For more great logistics management related articles and resources check out http://logistics.supplychainplace.com

Article Source: http://www.upublish.info

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1- Integral Logistics Management:
By Paul Schönsleben (Hardcover - Mar 13, 2007)
2- Essentials of Supply Chain Management
By Michael Hugos (Paperback - Mar 10, 2006)
3- The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management
By Alan Rushton, Phil Croucher, and Peter Baker (Paperback - Jul 1, 2006)
4- Logistics Management and Strategy - 2000 Edition
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5- Supply Chain Risk Management: Vulnerability and Resilience in Logistics
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6- Global Logistics Management: A Competitive Advantage for the 21st Century
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7- International Logistics
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8- International Logistics: Global Supply Chain Management
By Douglas Long (Hardcover - Jul 1, 2003)

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Broad fattening trade's principle reads as follows: “Buy the cattle low. Fatten them cheaply. Sell them high.

Let us consider a medium scale operation to fattening cattle, which delivers at full gear, 100 animals every month to the slaughterhouse. That is an operation that produces 1,200 fattened animals a year.

The selected breed being the White Fulani cattle. However, any breed specific to tropical areas, as per previous link will do.

One hundred animals are purchased every month and placed in a quarantine plot for a short period, prior to the real fattening period, which extension is related to the weight gaining efficiency of the applied animal-feeding. .

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1-Handbook of Livestock Management
by Richard A. Battaglia (Paperback - Jul 21, 2006)
2- Raising Small Livestock:
A Practical Handbook
by Jerome D. Belanger (Paperback - Feb 11, 2005)
3- The Homesteader's Handbook
to Raising Small Livestock Goats, Chickens, Sheep. Geese, Rabbitts, Hogs, Turkeys, Guinea Fowl, Ducks and Pigeons
by Jerome D. Belanger (Hardcover - April 1974)
4- Backyard Livestock:
Raising Good, Natural Food for Your Family, Third Edition by Steven Thomas and George P. Looby (Paperback - Jan 2, 2007)
Keeping Livestock Healthy:
A Veterinary Guide to Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Goats & Sheep, 4th Edition
by N. Bruce Haynes (Paperback - Nov 1, 2001)
6- Alternative Health Practices for Livestock
by Michael Keilty and Thomas Morris (Hardcover - Jan 1, 2006)

7- A World Dictionary of Livestock Breed
Types, and Varieties
by V. Porter and I. L. Mason (Hardcover - Jun 6, 2002)
8- Livestock waste facilities handbook
(Paperback - 1985)
9- Raising Small Livestock:
A Practical Handbook
by Jerome D. Belanger (Paperback - Feb 11, 2005) 10- Livestock Feeds and Feeding (5th Edition)
(Hardcover - Jun 8, 2001)
by Richard O. Kellems and David C. Church
11- Raising Game Birds
by Lessiter Publications (Paperback - Jun 1986)
12- Livestock Production in Unfavourable Economic Environments:
Strategies for Attaining Sustained Competitive Advantage
by P. G. A Jennings (Hardcover - Mar 30, 2007)

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