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OCTOBER 15 - NOVEMBER 14, 2001

Dr. Bienvenu-Magloire Quenum
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Dear faithful reader,


After one month break from August 30 to September 30, 2001, we are back to work. More motivated than ever to promoting investment and trade between Africa and the world at large.

During our vacation, tremendous dramatic events occurred: The suicide "Airliners-bombing" attacks on the Twin Sisters at New York City and the Pentagon at Washington D.C. USA.

Africabiz editorial team presents its sincere condolences to all who suffered dearly from the disaster.

Yes, the death toll is so high that each of us, worldwide, lost either a friend, a sister, a brother, a fiancee, a wife, a husband, a mother, a father, an uncle, an aunt, a nephew, a niece, a business partner and or a job. One way or another the whole world is concerned about the cataclysmal occurrence.

The world will never be the same as before September 11, 2001. The shockwave of the disaster is doubtless going to shape the world politics, economy and culture for at least the coming decade and have a persisting global impact on the whole 21 Th. century.

One can say that the 20 Th. century died really on September 11, 2001. We are entering a new world of uncharted waters and no one can predict for sure what will come out of the disaster.

However, one can try to dig out the true causes, which triggered the mayhem. It will not be honest, intellectually, to stick only to the visible cause. That is to say terrorism.

The visible and obvious cause of September 11, 2001 events is terrorism. No doubt about that. But what brings out terrorism? That's a fundamental question. Finding the true causes will help all of us avoid the repetition of other dramatic events similar to September 11, 2001.

Knowing what creates terrorism will help us find solutions. Focusing only on hunting down terrorists will not suppress terrorism as some leaders and their followers believe.

Terrorism can take place at home between wife and husband, parents and children; at working places between employees and employers; between a state system and a national group (political, religious, regional) of citizens against that system; between different nations (more developed and less develop); between Freedom Fighters (group of people fighting for their national rights, their dignity, their overall liberty rights) and an oppressive nation, entity or organized body; between a charismatic political, religious, or esoteric leader and his gullible followers. Etc. As you can see Terrorism is a complex concept. Definition is not easy at all. See here another similar opinion by Michael Kinsley; posted Thursday, Oct. 4, 2001, in Slate.

Individual or groups of people suffering from terrorism or controlled by terrorism' s leaders and ideology may become terrorists. That is to say they can plan and perpetuate drastic actions whatever may be the consequences. They can go to the extreme of killing innocent people to draw the attention of the world to their suffering and or their ideology or opinion at the expense of their own life.

But truly the real reasons behind terrorism read as follows : poverty, oppression and lack of consideration.

Individuals of all nations and races engulfed in abject poverty may become and do become puppets and slaves in hands of devious manipulators. For peanuts they are ready to carry out the most unthinkable action planned by their masters.

People who are living under an apartheid regime, which dignity is daily challenged and trampled down by a powerful oppressor, may recourse to drastic actions to fight back and make their plight known to the world at large.

Those nations, which are looked down upon by the power of the day, may have no other mean to attract attention to their desperate global economic situation than staging non conventional political actions bordering terrorism.

So, to stem out terrorism, corrections and durable solutions should be found for poverty, oppression of all kinds and lack of consideration to the less developed of the world.

That is a daunting task, which will require dedication from humanist leaders capable of acting without their eyes riveted on opinion polls. A right, wise and good leader should have vision, lead and not necessary follow the folks.


On October 7, 2001, 26 days after the attacks, America struck back. The formidable armada of America gathered to launch airstrikes against the taliban's regime of Afghanistan These strikes gave some feeling of "contentment" to some leaders and common people in the States and around the world. They are sure they avenged the victims of September 11, 2001 and the audacity of the attacks carried out against the Superpower of the United States of America.

We amongst many others around the world are of the opposite opinion. Would the retaliation staged on October 7, 2001 restore security everywhere and particularly on USA's territory? Would that retaliation reestablish the former Pax Americana status existing before September 11, 2001?

Obviously not. As explained above terrorists spring out from certain conditions created by global human relationships. As far as these conditions are not properly addressed terrorism's leaders will always exist and prosper in finding and creating terrorists.

For a better world it is necessary that we, as citizens of the global village, search for other ways and means to address poverty, oppression and injustice.

Some American leaders have a good perception of the problem. Amongst them is Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr. - Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - who declared on October 3, 2001 : "...If we had not lost interest a decade ago, perhaps Afghanistan would not have turned into the swamp of terrorism and brutality that it has become...It is time to reverse more than a decade of neglect, not only for the sake of Afghanistan, but for our sake." Click here for Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr. website; and here for an article by Jason Vest titled : After Bombing: Ground Troops, Nation Building Or Walking Away? and published on October 8, 2001 in The Black World Today.

Courtesy of opinion of Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr. is similar to the one expressed by Pope John Paul II to President George W. Bush visiting him at Castel Gandolfo, The Vatican, on July 23, 2001.

Pope John Paul II raised several crucial themes: the globalization problem, duties of developed nations, stem cell research and declared: "... As a superpower you have global responsibility over the world at large...".

In other words Pope John Paul II was trying to convey to the leader of the Superpower that USA cannot continue to play it solo on the world political stage; take what pleases him and contemptuously rejects what displeases him; refuse and discard criticisms whatever maybe the feelings of other nations and people who are not American citizens. Behaving likes that is, for sure, meeting troubles half way. In the global village, solidarity should also be global. Click here for President Bush speech at Castel Gondolfo on July 23, 2001; and here for a transcript of the meeting between President George W. Bush and Pope John Paul II.


The avenging airstrikes campaign over Afghanistan against the taliban's regime, which begun on October 7, 2001 were combined with humanitarian actions. Some foods and emergency health care products paradropped to the poor Afghanis who are suffering since two decades from civil war and persisting drought.

That is good and should have been the only reply to the attacks in combination with tense worldwide diplomatic pressures to toppling the taliban's regime. That kind of humanitarian action will yield more positive results than airstrikes. It will help alleviate people suffering and have a long term result in stemming out terrorism.

Senator Joseph R. Biden' opinion above exposed is valid not only for Afghanistan alone but for the whole so-called Third World. Not only for their sake, but for the sake of America as well.

Nowadays, there is no way for any nation to shield itself from the others. Satellite television, the Internet and international travel means make it impossible. Anything happening thousand of miles away in any nation has an impact locally on other countries. Culturally, politically and economically. People from the Third World are aware of the riches existing in the Developed World. They view, daily, the opulence of the "Northerners". They are witnesses to Television games - staged in the industrialized world - distributing to the winners the amount of 50 years of toiling work in their countries. They resent it and that resentment can become hatred.


That state of existing world affairs in which few - 15% - of the worldExisting living condition in rural Africa population lives in opulence, 10% in descent living conditions and the remaining 75 % struggles in abject survival conditions needs to be corrected as quickly as possible.

That is the only way to stem out terrorism.

Nowadays, everything, from scientific discoveries to financial means, does exist to start correcting the divide gap. Scientific breakthroughs in the genetic field can now be used to helping control and eradicate most of the diseases destroying the lifeblood of African nations. These fantastic scientific discoveries unfolding hour after hour can help develop new crops and increase their yield. Etc.

The only thing, which is lacking now is a political will to do so.

And one can say that the obtuse blindness of the developed world's leaders is not only counterproductive but self destructive. The more developed the actual Third World becomes, the more prosperous the actual Developed World. New developed countries will buy equipment, machinery, fertilizers, medicines etc.; from old developed countries; and sell them all kinds of commodities and goods. International trade will doubtless be boosted up. We will then live in a new era of tremendous crisscross exchanges and win win game for every nation involved.

What we expressed above is not just talk. We demonstrate our assertion below in the Business Opportunities' section. We show how to boost up the per capita GNP of an underdeveloped country from US$ 380 to 2,500 in 10 years span time and to 4,000 after 20 years of investment thrust.

As shown
below financial means necessary to lifting the Third World from abject living conditions to descent ones are not so huge and could be easily setup. Only lacks the political will to do so.

Either the leaders of the powers of the day see the light and follow the vision of people like Pope John II and Senator Joseph Biden - and the world shall become a better place for all of us - or they stick to the actual selfishness and counterproductive ethnocentrist oriented development policy; and the world will steadily drift towards a painful and nigphparish place for anyone living on the earth. There is no way of hiding, secluding or bunkering oneself. It will not work that way.

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How to reach double-digit annual growth rate

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Dr. B.M. Quenum
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Business Opportunities


Last month, through a case study, we demonstrated that any African country is capable of generating double-digit annual economic growth rate over a long period of 10 to 20 years. The full study is here available and summarized in table and graph below: (in red GNP in million of US $)

GNP without the scheme
Global GNP
Resulting annual Growth Rate
Line 3 highlights Professor Moses Abramowitz's Catch Up Factor and double- digit theory Within a span time of ten years, the initial GNP (year 1 -line 1) had been multiplied by 6.76 - (year 10 -line 2) even without considering any increase of outputs over years.

One remarks the outstanding economic annual growth rate achieved over years in line with Abramowitz's theory and Parker's observations and findings. Other high added value operations briefly listed here could be established to sustain the growth and keep it into the double digit bracket for an additional 10 to 20 years running.

- In line with the conclusion of our Editorial : EVERYTHING EXISTS UNDER THE SUN FOR A BETTER WORLD, let's take Benin as example of one of the least developed countries of Africa - Population : 6,000,000; GNP : US$ 3 billion - and make the following remarks (in case financing - US$ 167 to 200 million a year over 10 years' period - is made available to implementing the scheme as explained in this delivery):

1- Benin will achieve annual economic growth rate in the double-digit bracket never obtained before; since 40 years.

2- After 10 years of implementing the scheme Benin's GNP will be multiplied by 6.7 to reach the amount of US $ 20 billion. For a population averaging 8,000,000 million people.

3- That is to say a per capita GNP of US$: 2,500 (if the scheme is implemented) against US $: 582 (if the scheme is not implemented.)

4- In other words the per capita GNP will increase in 10 years' period from US$ 380 to US$ 2,500 (with the implementation of the scheme); and only from US$ 380 to US$ 582 (if the scheme is not implemented)

- Above remarks lead to the following conclusions :

1- At year 2010, Benin population would had increased approximately from 6,000,000 to 8,000,000. AKA 33% increase over a period of 10 years.

2- If Benin does keep on experiencing the current meager economic growth rate in the range of 5% per year, its per capita GNP increase will be only 19%. Which means too many people for less riches and therefore possibility for increased civil unrest and even civil war.

3- Benin will then be heading straight for the wall of instability and bankruptcy. The population living in survival, precarious conditions and aggravated misery; a high level of unemployment and no financial means available to the government to establishing vital infrastructure : schools, hospitals, roads. Etc.

4- However, if financial means are made available - something in the range of US$ 167 to 200 million a year over 10 years to implementing the integrated scheme as here exposed - Benin economy will take off with an annual economic growth rate in the double-digit range.

5- After 10 years of sustained investment burst to implementing the integrated scheme, Benin will be knocking at the door of Intermediary Developed Countries' circle with a per capita GNP in the range of US$ 2,500. The country will be less poor and prosperity will start being globally visible in the country.

6- After 20 years of sustained investment thrust Benin will be a recognized member of the circle of Intermediary Developed Countries with a per capita GNP in the range of US$ 4,000. Global prosperity will be visible. More schools, hospitals, roads and so on.

7- And after 10 more additional years - that is to say 30 years after the beginning of the implementation of the integrated scheme - Benin will be knocking at the door of New Developed Countries. The population will have decent living conditions. Health care for all, abundance and general prosperity.

-One can see that the scenario to lifting Benin from the underdeveloped countries' league to developed one requests financing in the range of US$ 2 (two) billion - US$ 200 million per year over 10 years' period. Really far less than the amount (US$ 9 billion) the IMF / the World Bank poured into Ghana financial system over 10 years (1988-1998) for Structural Adjustment Programs (as here explained); and for non conclusive economic results. Ghana economy had not took off.

For the 48 sub-Saharan African countries the global amount of investment necessary to boost up their economies and trigger their take off could be reasonably estimated to something in the bracket of US$ 200 to 400 billion for 10 years! That is to say US$ 20 to 40 billion per year for 48 countries over 10 years.

Above estimated total amount necessary - for only 10 years of investment burst - to initiating the process, alleviate poverty and create descent living conditions in 48 countries represents less than 50% of financial means dedicated per year by developed countries to armament expenditures.

- The subsequent economic development of African countries will increase doubtless their involvement in the international trading. They will buy from and sell to old developed nations all types of machinery, equipment commodities and goods. A tremendous crisscross win win game will be established between the North and the South.

The full case study on how to reach double digit annual growth rate is here available. And here you have an introduction to another economic catalyst capable of acting as Income Building Power For An African Community : Sorghum

Introduction to Sorghum as Income Building Power For An African Community

Control Your Desktop


The dramatic events of suicide attacks on the Twin Sisters at New York City on September 11, 2001 are going to have collateral impacts for our surfing liberty and privacy on the Net.

Rules and regulations are already laid down by governments around the world and will be tighten in the near future to control the Internet traffic and particularly mails and files exchanges. Access to some sites will be restricted.

Now is the time to install a strong encrypting tool for your exchange over the Internet if you care for your privacy. Click here for more.

More on strong encryption system.

Freebie Of The Month


Following the disaster of September 11, 2001 we are deeply lost into uncharted waters as far as the future trend of stocks and financial investment assets are concerned. Needless to say that one needs more than ever to be well informed to be in the best position to making the right investment decision.

Even if you are in the optimists' bandwagon and still wish to trade stocks and mutual funds, one more precaution will not do you any harm. In the contrary you will increase your chances to widening your Return On Investment margin. In short, having a tool capable of performing instant update of your preferred stocks will be a tremendous asset. NetStock help you do that. It tracks and instantly updates stock data from several financial sources.

You can choose the index to follow, as well as the update intervals. Click on a stock that you would like more information on, and you can get background information and analysis details from Yahoo Finance. If you're a Quicken user, you can also import data into your application. Click here to get it.

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